November 27, 2017


Chetumal, Mexico



Tello is Gone

So this week Elder Tello took off for Cozumel. I have no idea who my new companion will be. Right now I am on splits with Elder Vasquez again. A little bit about this week is we have been doing a lot of work in another area called Ucum. It is about a 30 minute drive from chetumal. It is a small town and very poor. It costs us a lot of money to travel there and back but we were able to find 2 more investigators there. Marylin and Marcos. Marylin is 22 years old and has a little baby and Marcos is 18 years old.
We also went to Playa De Carmen this past week to listen to Elder Pino of the seventy speak. It was good, at least what I could understand. We stayed in some nicer apartments the night before with 8 missionaries to an apartment. I met an Elder from Alberta, Canada so we are basically related. His name is Elder Cromarty and he is exactly like me, it's a little scary actually.
No gross food or giant spiders this week. We spent Thanksgiving in Playa with all the other missionaries and had pasta salad for the Thanksgiving meal.
his personality and I have to pay for the bus with monthly allowance because it is hard to find places that take cards
I remember that time I got an exact 3.000 gpa that one trimester. Tell Drew that the church parking lot is an excellent place to do donuts in the snow now that he has his license (;
Referring to 8 elders: They had two bathrooms but we were with the AP's so we still had lights out at 10:30 so we had to wake up at 4:00 so everyone could shower because we had to get to the stake by 7:00 am


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