November 13, 2017


Chetumal, Mexico


Kevin Tello

Dog Meat

So this week was a little crazy. We had to go to a different area to visit some members who don't have missionaries in their area. I was even more poor there than it is here. Anyways we got there and these people had like ten dogs. I was like is this a dog farm or what. They gave us some soup for dinner and then they brought out this weird looking meat. I thought it was like pig fat or something but I started munching down on this and it tasted fine but it was the texture that was making me nervous. I asked what it was and I wish I didn't. Dog. What have I done?! I ate a freaking dog. I thought that crap only went down in China!
Another thing this week was that I was in charge of my area for like three days. I was in charge because Elder Tello was gone so I was with another elder who only speaks spanish. After the second day I was flippin done. The street names here are weird and I have enough trouble in the U.S. with finding places and it was kind of overall crazy week. I also had to speak in church. No one laughed so I think it was pretty good spanish but yeah, that's the week for ya.
Elder Nielsen
I took a bunch more (pictures) this week because Elder Vasquez and I went down to the ocean because it is not in his area and he wanted some pictures. He told John that 'sadly, yes, the dog was good, but he won't be a butcher when he gets home."
We actually had to go 5 weeks with no pictures. He sent these the following week but I knew they were taken this week.


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