November 6, 2017


Chetumal, Mexico


Kevin Tello

New Families

So this past week we had three new families that we have started teaching. In one of the families the boyfriend and his kids are all members but his girlfriend met him after he was baptized. We have taught her three lessons so far. We had her baptismal date set for this month but she needs to get married first. We went and visited them last night and she basically called off the whole thing. She said she doesn't want to get married yet and that it is all too soon.
Another family that we have is a mother and her son. We have taught them two lessons and they also have friends that are in the ward. We invited them along with our other investigators to come to church but none of them showed up. Angelica who we already baptized has not been coming to church at all so we have been trying to contact her but she is always busy and doesn't have time to talk to us.
Our other family that we have been teaching is a young couple. The boyfriend is a member but his girlfriend is not. We have only taught them once so far and I think that she really wants to be baptized but her and her boyfriend don't want to make the effort to do anything other than take lessons from us.
This week we also travelled to Cancun again so that took up about two days of this week. Nothing super crazy going on. I wish I could send pictures but the stupid mexican computer won't read the freaking chip from my camera so I am going to have to buy a different chip for it and them hopefully next week I can send some stuff.
Elder Nielsen
Add ons: Yeah more visa stuff. Yeah I put the chip in and the computer would not even read the thing so that kind of ticked me off because I took some pictures of the streets here and of me because I just cut my hair the shortest it has ever been.
I asked if he was having fun. His response: I'm doing ok, I don't know if fun is the word I would use. I will admit that it is stressful being so far away. I can tell you one thing and that is that I will forever be grateful for the things we have back home. I haven't been sunburned yet but I have gotten pretty tan on my face and arms. I cut my hair short because here the president's wife wants us to get our hair cut every three weeks and I would prefer to cut it super short and only cut it once a transfer. For me it has felt pretty long and being here I wouldn't mind the cold and clouds. It has been nothing but sun here.


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