October 21, 2017


Chetumal, Mexico


Kevin Tello

Transfer Week

Hey today is my p-day since this week is transfer week. I am not going anywhere so that is a relief because I don't feel like moving again. Today we went to the zoo with the zone leaders because we are still little children. I looked at a lot of monkeys and birds and that is about it. BIG waste of money. So we got dropped by the familia salvador, those people who think they have another prophet. We also had to travel to Cancun again this week so I was a a bus these week for about 12 hours total.
Saw a couple dog fights today while doing some service. There are stray dogs here like there are stray cats back home. They don't have animal control here so they just kinda roam free.
For two days this week I have eaten this disgusting crap they call molé. It is made out of coco beans but it doesn't taste like chocolate. It looks like the runs and smells like the runs so put those two together and you can probably have a good idea of what it tastes like. It is so bad that if I was starving and someone gave me a bowl of molé I would just keep going hungry.
That's this week, nothing crazy.
Elder Nielsen
He did some yard work for members, referring to the service and the dog fights. I have not giving the coloring books away because all the members that feed us have teenage kids but I think I just take them to the primary leader.
We have found a woman and her son who are friends with members that we will start teaching.
I can speak better spanish than in the MTC but it is hard to understand people because they slur it and here they have a different accent than in Mexico City. The language is more difficult than you would think, There are 44 different conjugations for each verb. It is hard to know which one to use because it all depends on the context of the sentence.


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