October 16, 2017


Chetumal, Mexico


Kevin Tello

Street Fight

Yeah so first street fight this week. I'll admit it was a little freaky especially because I was standing about 3 feet from all these guys. These three guys started pushing around this one other guy. He looked a little bit psychotic. Anyways this guy picks u two big rocks and starts fighting these other three guys and hitting them with these rocks. My comanion and I were like time to get outa dodge. That was pretty crazy and cool at the same time.
The other day we were at a members house eating (you guessed it) beans and rice again. So I am sitting there chomping down and I feel something in my mouth and I pulled out about a 6 inch black hair. My gag reflex had quite the workout keeping that crap down.
We went to Cancun agian this last week and we get to go back this week so yeah another 6 hour bus ride. The good thing is that the buses are really nice and they have a few little TV's on them that the bus drivers can put movies on. American movies but in spanish. Nothing like listening to the avengers talking to eachother in a spanish voice over but its all good.
We have a few new investigators this week. We invited them to church but none of them came. Three hours can be brutal I guess.
Elder Nielsen
John asked if he had been sick or witnessed the end of the fight: Yeah I got sick at the MTC and I am getting over a small cold right now but no biggy. It is really polluted here and everyone burns their garbage so it stinks pretty bad. I heard about the camry. You are lucky you even got a chair out of that thing, I probably would of said I'll pay you 50 bucks to get it out of my sight haha. Hopefully it serves him as well as it did me.
We didn't stick around long enough to find out, I just said I'm not about to take a rock to the face lets make like a tree and leave


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