September 25, 2017


Chetumal, Mexico


Kevin Tello

Our House is Creepy

So last night while we were in our room studying we heard one of the doors in our house slam shut. We thought is was a suprise visit from our mission president but when we walked out of our room there was no one there. It freaked us out a little and my companion told me that he has not put a blessing on the house yet so we need to do that.
On friday there was a church party that we went to. When we got there we saw a brother there who has been inactive so that was good. He also did not know how to tie a tie so it was the first time I helped a 40 year old guy tie his tie. He kind of reminds me of the big Tongan guy on the other side of heaven who has the long hair and is drunk all the time.
It gets dark here at about 7:00 and we usually go home at about 8:30. We have to walk down a long stretch of what seems like jungle for about 2 miles but it is creepy because when the sun goes down no one is outside. When we were walking home the other night we could see a guy up ahead of us with something in his hand that looked like it was a knife or a peace of broken glass. He was about a 100 yards in front of us under a street light. It looked like something straight out of a horror movie. My companion told me we needed to turn off the street when we saw him and then told me at night here we need to be careful.
He tried to send a picture but sadly, it didn't work again.

He just sent another email answering some questions.
(What I explain or write is in brackets. He finally answered some questions! Some, but not all ;-) )

The pictures I am trying to send are ones my companion emails to me because at the mission they opened our bags to put mosquito spray in it and they misplaced my razor, camera, and mp3 so we are talking to the secretary trying to get it all back.

Yes Tello speaks english, spanish is still pretty hard, I pay by the amount of time I use the internet, we are the only missionaries in our area, I do not think the guys (who robbed them last week but then gave money back to them) had weapons but they might have, there are no Caucasians here, my companions first name is Kevin and his whole family is LDS, there are about 50 members in our area, for service we helped our one and only investigator Angelica with her yard, food:rice, chicken, soup, tortillas, beans.

Sometimes on our p-days we still have to work, I came in this morning and then had to take Tello to the bus stop because he has to go to Cancun for a new visa so I am on splits right now and have to take some invitations to someone now.

They think my stuff was put into another bag so in 2 weeks when everyone I came with goes back to cancun who ever has it can bring it.

(trip to Chetumal he didn't get motion sick) no it was a nice bus with curtains and good seats, I am going to Cancun for like a reunion thing with everyone from my generation which is the people who got here the same day as me.

Yeah I just emailed him (the mission home elder) and he can send out a group email to everyone. I have not looked for a bank I can use because I get plenty of money on my mission card each month.

(Why he emailed NOT on pday) Elder Tello needed to print some stuff off so that is why we are here today.

(What do you do all day?) Most of the day is walking, It sucks but yesterday we had a zone meeting with the President all day so that was nice.

(How is your Spanish) It is getting easier to understand people now

yes there are sisters here in Chetumal. The Calderitas area is the biggest and Tello and I are the only missionaries in the area.

Yeah (his companion has a camera) so he can email me some pics that I can send to all of you. Look for the Calderitas ward on the meeting house locator. (If you paste this address into google maps you can see where he goes to church. calle Ignacio Comonfort S/N, Room
CIUDAD CHETUMAL, Quintana Roo77000

I don't know my street name. I actually have not seen that many signs here either. I don't know how anyone finds places here by address. (i said it was like the polygamous towns in southern Utah/northern Arizona - haha)

We dont teach english. I dont know why and there is a university in the chetumal area but it is not in our boundries.

Possibly (we could teach English) but I do not know if people here would want to learn because there are no tourists in this area.

My companion is cool and he speaks pretty good English. I have met about 20 members so far. We go to a different store in down town Chetumal to get food.

(Are there places where you can buy food like the taco truck?) Yes, but part of the Cancun mission rules is we cannot eat street food. Only groceries, what members feed us and actual restaurants.

I eat rice, beans, tortillas, chicken. I buy stuff for making sandwiches and i buy cereal so when we eat at home i have that.

We usually are finishing appointments around 8:30 and we usually have about a 3 mile walk back.

We are just teaching Hermana Angelica but we visit the members a ton. It takes a long time to travel though because our area is Chetumal is the biggest area and we are the only missionaries.

I hope I will be in great shape when I get home because I am freaking hiking everywhere in the sinks. (area in Logan Canyon) That is one of the big things I miss is the mountains because there are no mountains here.

(From the mission home about this missing things.)When the missionaries arrive, their luggage is separated from Elders and Sisters. The Elders’ luggage is put into one room to start taking out their clothes and putting a special formulized mosquito repellant that absorbs into the fabric and lasts for a long time. There are a lot of mosquitos in this area and climate, and mosquitos can spread sicknesses; so that is why we have all the missionaries spray the mosquito repellant formula on their clothes. So that was what he was referring to because in order to spray the clothes we have to open up the suitcases and then put their clothes back in. So it could have been mixed up with other luggage or accidently left, but we have checked and double checked the Stake Center, and there isn’t anything that showed up. I personally called every Elder that arrived that day when Elder Nielsen arrived. They informed me that they haven’t seen anything in their luggage that wasn’t theirs. However, they told me they would recheck and make sure to see if it is there or not. So, if anything does come up we will make sure to contact you right away. We understand your frustration and apologize for any inconvenience.

As for sending things to Elder Nielsen… In México things can be found for pretty cheap and a good quality too. You might consider allowing Elder Nielsen to find a camera or any other item that he might need so that he can buy it. I hope that answers your questions and helps in some way. Please contact us for anything else you might need! Have an excellent day!


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