September 18, 2017


Chetumal, Mexico


Kevin Tello

First Week out of the MTC

So yeah I was on my third day of my mission and two guys tried to rob me and my companion. We were walking down the street and these two guys stopped us and said give us your money. After we gave them our money one of them said wait these are those guys who talk about Jesus so they gave us our money back. I also saw a dog get hit by a car. It broke the dogs back legs so it could not move. I wish there was something I could of done but there wasn't.
Everywhere I look here I see poverty. Dirt or concrete floors are what people have here in Chetumal and the houses are built out of cinder block and the roofs are either grass or sheet metal. I have never been so thankful for everything that I have had back home. My house, my job, a car, clean water. I have been blessed with so much.
The house that I live in is super small. The other day I something run behind our fridge and it was either a small lizard or a huge spider. I have no hot water but I don't care because I have never sweat so much in my life. Every hour of the day here I have sweat dripping off my face.
The food here is pretty gross but I choke it down so that the members don't think I am some snobby white guy. The food smells like BO. I don't know how they make it smell like that but they do. It is the first time I have ever eaten scorching hot soup in 90 degree wheather with 80% humidity. They feed us soup at every meal and I have no idea why they eat soup in this wheather.
Right now we only have one investigator and she owns a small restaurant. On Tuesday we went and cleared out a bunch of brush behind it.
Here I have to pay to use the computers so I won't be able talk with you guys like in a chat room or anything.
It has been a pretty long week here.
Elder Nielsen
Attached is the photo of the car - 1986 Toyota Camry - that Will is thankful for. No radio, no a/c and a heater that takes 20 minutes to warm up.
From the mission home:

It is not permitted that missionaries travel alone… New missionaries always travel with their trainers to their new areas. The trainers arrive in Cancun on Sunday night to be ready to receive their new companions Monday morning when they arrive. Traveling to Chetumal takes about 6-7 hours, but they travel comfortably. The bus system we use in the mission is one the nicest there are in México. It’s called ADO, and there buses are always very clean and have cushy seats included with a bathroom in the back of the bus. 😉 The missionaries are taken care of very well, it is a rare case when things are lost or stolen, but it does happen occasionally. I hope that responds your questions or doubts, have an excellent week. We are always here to help for whatever question you have. – Elder Beikman


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