January 14, 2019



I love being a missionary!

So this week was different, stressful, and awesome!

First, the mission is different being a district leader, but I really enjoy it. Its pretty fun just getting to know the other missionaries in my district better and trying to help them with their concerns in their different areas. They are an awesome group of dedicated missionaries and I am pretty sure that I am learning way more from them then they have been learning from me.

Second, my area in Concepcion is getting stressful.....because its so awesome! Lately we have been able to find many referrals from members and so the work is just booming. We just have to keep up with it. Yesterday we almost had to choose between eating and visiting everyone we had scheduled. I am so excited to see the Lord progress His work in our area at such an accelerated speed.

It is interesting how the Lord can guide us to people. One time we were walking around, trying to find some members when we felt to talk to some people. Turns out one of them was a member and so we set an app to visit them. Then she pointed us to a couple on the street and told us they their brother is a member, so we just got led from place to place that night finding members and people to teach. When we visited them the next time, the one lady really just needed a friend to talk to because her son and husband had died and, in the other family, the nonmember grandma literally asked if we would baptize her grandchildren and and we were like "alright right after you get baptized" so now we have another appointment to start teaching the lessons to her. Miracles!

I know that God's hand is in this his work. I know that He has prepared and is preparing even now the hearts of His children to come unto Him and partake of a fullness of joy. This principle is true for members of the Church and nonmembers alike. We all are being prepared by God to become like Him. May we all accept His loving help in our lives always by hearkening to His words through His appointed servants. I know that President Russell M. Nelson is God's prophet on earth today.

So yeah, I love this work and I love you guys.


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