November 26, 2018



Pizza and Juice and I Got Transferred

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and really packed on the pounds to start the season off right! Also applause to the sky in Utah for dumping snow the first few days of ski season. You better shred that Tyler and Muffin!

So my Thanksgiving went a little like this: We got up and I did some studies about gratitude and wrote down a bunch of things that I was grateful for (making that list this year was a lot easier for some reason), then we got out to work. The work was a little sad though because I had to say goodbye to my friends in Moncada. Because yeah I GOT TRANSFERRED AGAIN! Yeah I was surprised too. But I'll tell you about that later! So the day goes on and we go to a bunch of people. Then I got a raging stomach ache. It would go on and off until it felt like my energy was drained. We still had some more visits so I told my companion, Elder Ayade, that we needed to drop by the house so I could down some tums or something. So we did that and then finished our visits. Our last visit was at the church for an institute class. We came to say goodbye to those friends, but by the time we got there my body was so tired. Then they all invited me to give my last lesson ever to them. With my hands on the table supporting my body, I gave my last lesson about Christ's Atonement. I'm not sure how much of I was understood because my Tagalog was pretty trash due to my brain being essentially dead haha, but I got it out. Then I went to the back of the room and someone gave me a chair. The rest of the time we were there I was either asleep or almost asleep. Then it was time to go. We didn't have anywhere really to go to get dinner and I was starting to think that this Thanksgiving was going to be a flop. But God gave us a miracle! Just went I was about to loose hope, one of the members said wait! I have something for you. He then handed us a pizza and a liter of my favorite drink called mogo-mogo (which is essentially what would be a $25-30 meal for Filipinos). He then said Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for all our hard work. I almost cried. You must know first that #1 Thanksgiving isn't a thing in the Philippines so I don't know how he knew. and #2 The member who gave us this is someone I had only talked to a handfull of times. I know that God knew exactly what I was going though that night and he showed His infinite love to me through a man that followed a prompting. I hope that each of us can be the one that brightens someone else's day by doing simple acts of kindness and following the Spirit. It may not seem like anything big to you but it could mean the world to someone else.

Also If you were wonder I got transferred to Concepcion and I'm in a trisome with Elders Delahoy and Pond (an Aussie and 2 Americans). They are awesome and I am sure they will be in many of my stories to come, but.... til then..... I just want to say....Be Awesome! Be like Jesus! Bye!


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Here is a picture of a baptism we just had of Sister Rita in my new area:


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