December 26, 2018




Merry Cridmum ? (if you know, you know)

Happy Chrysler everyone!!
      This past week went by in a breeze. I dont even know what to talk about other than Christmas. But I'm going to try.😁
      There was a lot of class this week and a lot of (attempted) Spanish learning😂. But every Saturday night we have a Zone Class with everyone in Zone 9 and this week we learned about obedience. I was able to get a lot from that class and I'm gonna share the highlights with you all. So there is this bad connotation of missionaries that go out that completely change with their personalities and I was honestly scared I was gonna turn into someone I wouldn't recognize. In that class I learned that "We aren't supposed to turn into a different person on our missions, through the lord we turn into our best selves" the lord "refines" our personalities on missions and helps us excel with our strengths. 
      Out in the mission field there is a difference between obedience and EXACT obedience (Alma 57:21) I have learned that to be happy we need to be exactly obedient. BUUUTT, we also need to have fun. As my dad told me in the letter I opened yesterday, you gotta work hard but you also need to stop and smell the roses. Work hard but also play hard.
       I love being here in the CCM and I have had a lot of fun getting to know people, serving and learning Spanish. The Spanish is hard but I can see a lot of improvement with myself and the others in my district. 
      On the 23rd I was able to watch a re-run of a talk from David A Bednar that he gave I think like last Christmas in the Provo MTC. He talked about obtaining Christ-like attributes. I'm not gonna go into detail but the main thing I got from it was that when christ went through hard things he turned outward and looked for opportunities to serve others. Like when he farted for 40 days and 40 nights and after being tempted by the adversary he found out Peter was arrested and thrown in prison. Instead of taking a sec to be like "man I'm tired I'll help him later. I just need some ME time" he brought angels down from heaven to tend to Peter. I love this and I strive to be like the savior as much as I can. 
       On Saturday night I started a fast asking for specific answers to my prayers and personally I have never been very good at fasting, but I went almost a full 24 hours and I got an answer to all of my prayers. I know that fasting and prayer with true intention and with a question in your heart you will receive an answer. And definitely not when you expect it.
       Now onto Christmas!! Christmas Day was so amazing!! I got to open all of the presents my parents packed in my suitcase that morning and I was super happy because basically every single thing that I got was super heartfelt and sentimental. I also got to call my parents that morning and I was bawling my eyes out and it was so nice to hear from them. I got to talk with Lizzie who is out serving as well. I got to bear my testimony at the end and I felt really nice after the whole fiasco. 
     Later that day we did a service project doing I dont even know what but I was putting together boxes for people putting big blankets in them. It was fun but got way hot and my dress shirt got dirty. Just after that we got to hit some piñatas that is common in Mexico. So these piñatas are way cool. They're super symbolic. They have 7 points that represent the 7 deadly sins, we are blindfolded which represents us having faith in Heavenly Father, and the candy inside represents the blessings from having faith. It was so much fun and I was glad to have participated in it. 
      Later that night we watched a broadcast from the Provo MTC and the speaker was again Elder David A Bednar. This time he talked about personal revelation and how we are blessed after the trial of our faith. I'm just gonna share some scriptures from that talk so you guys can look it up. D&C 6:13-18, Joseph Smith History 1:29-50, D&C 80:3, D&C 67:13, and Ether 12:6
       Lastly my district did a Secret Santa and got to take turns and talk about how we all love each other. A bit too Lovey Dovey for me 😉.
      So I didnt take a bunch of pics this week but I will take more today and send them later tonight.
      I love this gospel and I know that the work I'm doing is of god and he has called me for a reason and I'm going to Arkansas to teach to those people and that I have a message for those people. I know that through diligent efforts and exact obedience we can be more christlike and can be happy. I love this gospel and I love being a missionary and I am excited to preach about eternal families because I am excited to be with mine for forever. 
I love you all and if you want to email me back just send one to
      With much Love this Christmas season.                     -Elder Kartchner 


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