December 19, 2018




Being sick is SOOO much fun??

Hey all!!
       So this past week was pretty up and down. Mostly up but the CCM is pretty hard to adjust to not gonna lie. 
       On Thursday last week, I wasn't feeling very good and so that night I went into the Enfermeria and they gave me cough medicine and some pills and said if I am not feeling any better the next day to come in and see him again. So I was feeling worse so I went in and he said "Oh, you're worse" after taking my vitals and stuff😂. So he does some more "tests" and comes to the conclusion that I have a Sinus Infection. He gave me some antibiotics and I'm feeling a lot better now. 
       Sunday this week was really awesome! I gave a 5 minute or so talk in sacrament meeting... ALL IN SPANISH!! It was really cool. I talked about Agency and The Fall of Adam, shared 2 scriptures, and bore my testimony and I did pretty good! My District President came up to where me and my district were sitting and he told them that I had raised the bar for talks from here in out!👌😂
       I've been having a lot of fun with gym time. So we get time almost everyday to exercise and I've been playing basketball every time. It's really funny because one of the elders that I'm friends with told me that he overheard people walking back to the dorms after playing basketball that they don't like playing with me because I'm too good😬😥. But I find people to play with still haha. So technically we aren't allowed to dunk but I've dunked on like 5 people since I've gotten here and one of them was my Zone Leader. It was all in love and we get along super well!😁👍
       I forgot to tell you about the fireworks down here! They're crazy! They go off at all hours of the day or night and down in Mexico the fireworks don't go off for flash, it is all about sound down here and it sounds like foreal bombs going off around us. They're pretty cool but it's just super loud all the time.
       Last week we got to go to the Mexico City Temple and it was gorgeous! We get to go twice during our stay here and we are going again today!😁👌 The temple is gorgeous and I'll add pics at the bottom (if I remember). There is a little shop at the temple and they sell all sorts of things. They got super cool ties and bags and rings and a bunch of cool stuff. I got 4 new ties last time and a scripture case! I love them. 
       SO THE WORST THING HAPPENED THIS WEEK!! I BROKE MY CTR RING! Okay so it's not completely broken but I chipped and cracked it! Its dumb but I am dealing with it haha. The story is, a couple of us found out that rings can bounce on tile so I bounced mine a couple times in the classroom and it was fine! It was so cool and I wanted to do it a couple more times in the dorm before I went to bed so I bounced it 2 more times and I look at it and I chipped it and it is cracked!!🤦‍♂️😭
     Something that I love about Mexico is the sunsets! They are gorgeous! They can be so different every day! One time it was like bright purple with pink in it and it was amazing. I wasn't able to get a pic of that one but I have more that I'll attach at the bottom.
      The people in my District are amazing. I love every single one of them. They are all spiritually giants and they give such good thoughts and comments all the time and it's amazing to hear from them all the time! When I was sick I asked for a blessing and everyone in my dorm came out and helped and it was such a blessing... literally😉😂. And the Hermanas in my district are super fun and nice and chill and they are all freaking smart and I just love my district and I love it here at the CCM! 
      Before I end this email, I want to share a few scriptures. 
     Moroni 7:5-19 I'm not gonna write all of them out but I will with the first verse because it's awesome! 
5 For I remember the word of God which saith by their works ye shall know them; for if their works be good, then they are good also.

Go look those scriptures up. I love them and know with all of my heart that those words are true. 
Yo sé que nuestro iglesia es sólo iglesia verdad. Yo sé que José Smith traducido el libro de mormón y trajo el evangelio restaurado. Yo sé que Jesucristo murió para nuestro pecados. Amo este evangelio y mi familia. Me encanta ser un misionero.
Much Love 
-Elder Kartchner


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