July 9, 2018


Helsingborg, Sweden


Elder Collin Grover

Igniting the Fire

The best advice a missionary can receive is this: Stay a Greenie. 
But I'll get back to that in a second. Last P-day we went bowling with a some members and a friend of Elder Grovers from back home, kind of. She actually lives here in Helsingborg and has lived here all her life except the 8 months she was an exchange student at Elder Grover's High School. They were actually semi good friends and were in the same dance groups and stuff! It was a lot of fun though and Daniel (Super cool member) and I made a deal that the loser buys the winner Falafel. Let's just say I'm 35 krs poorer now. 
We were able to meet with Daniela again this week and scheduled a baptismal date for her on August 18th! I'm so excited for her! We were a little worried how her family (mainly husband) would respond but she said that He's willing to respect her decision!  We also met with two Americans and it was the greatest! Their names are Chris and Sam and they're from Texas and it's the best! They made us Tacos, had us hold hands and give Grace and said they're willing to try reading the Book of Mormon! I'm excited to go back!  
Let's talk about the World Cup! Sweden beat Switzerland 1-0 on Tuesday moving them on to the quarterfinals against England.  Let me tell you, I miss watching the World Cup and when the country of the land you are serving in is doing this good it makes it even harder.  However, our Mission President graciously gave us permission to watch the Quaterfinlas with members!  Saturday we went over to Mauro and Sara's and watched the game with them!  And even though they lost 2-0, eliminating them from the World Cup, it was still a blast to watch soccer again, especially with Mauro and Sara!  I'm sure I've said this before, but I love the members of Helsingborg!  Friday night we had a BBQ and I think there was actually more less active members and non-members than active members which is awesome!
But back to this talk about being a Greenie.  For those of you who don't know, a Greenie is a new missionary, usually it's their first 12 weeks in the mission field.  We had interviews with President and I told him I don't feel like the same missionary I was when I first came out.  Not in a bad way, but just in a different way.  And he immediately told me to get that Greenie Fire back.  Do what ever it takes.  The Greenie Fire is hard to explain if you've never been a missionary, but in a sense it could be comparable to the first week of a new job or the first week with a new sports team.  And so I began my journey to reignite this fire and I believe God helped me out along this journey.  
On Friday this week, a man named Mike Riding and his family came and visited the church the same time we happened to be there for studies. Mike was a missionary here 25 years ago and they were here in Sweden on vacation. He had served in Helsingborg as well as another area Elder Grover had also served in. While talking with him, Mike asked about a guy named Odd. After, Elder Grover told Mike that Odd was a great member missionary and was married in the temple, Mike began to cry and said "I baptized Odd." He had never heard anything from Odd after he left Sweden 25 years ago and it was beautiful to see the love Mike still had for this man. It was also very inspirational as Elder Grover and I decided we wanted to find our own "Odd."

Then on Sunday, a young man in our ward gave his Farewell talk! That was like throwing lighter fluid on my little Greenie fire as it just reminded me of my farewell talk over 10 months ago. As I watched this young man's Mom and Dad cry while they gave their talks, I couldn't help but to shed a little tear as well as the feelings of leaving on my Mission all rushed back! 
But it doesn't stop there. Mike Riding had taught a man by the name of Martin who in Mike's own words was the "Golden investigator." He has a strong testimony of the Gospel but never got married to his girlfriend.  Martin met up with Mike and showed them around the city. We briefly talked with Martin when he came to the Church with Mike's family but weren't able to get his number or anything. Sunday evening we get a call, it's Martin!  He wants to meet!  We met him 30 minutes later and he tells us being with Mike brought back the beautiful feelings of the Spirit. And as he saw the way Mike's family treated each other he realized he'd been missing something in his life!  
I'm grateful for a Father in Heaven who is aware of us and is more than willing to help us reach our Potential! 

I love being a Missionary!  Miracles are happening today!  

Love, Äldste Beckman 
P.S. Happy Birthday to the best country ever! 

Pictures:1. Bowling with the Crew 2. I'm telling you President, if missionaries had these we'd be so much more effective! 3. Heja Sverige! 4. The field is White and ready to harvest! 


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