May 14, 2018


Helsingborg, Sweden


Elder Collin Grover


On Monday of this week, there were four missionaries (2 Elders and 2 sisters) here in Helsingborg, now of those 4, I'm the last one left!  We had transfers this last week and some wild stuff went down.  President called these sisters and told them that they'd both be leaving the area which is pretty rare, then on top of that, No other sisters will be coming in for at least a transfer!  So that means, us, the Elders picked up all of their investigators!  But instead of leaving me with someone who knew the area, President took Elder Olson away from me and left me to take on all of our investigators and the sisters investigators at once!  It's basically like running two areas!  I'm honestly so pumped!  And I'm not taking it all on alone, President sent me my new companion Elder Grover who is just an amazing missionary to help me out!  
Before Elder Olson left, we made sure to make his last P-day one to remember!  We hopped on a bus and drove up to the top of our area.  We then began hiking for about 45 mins until we made it to the coast, where a giant 40 foot castle made out of drift wood was built!  It's called Nimi's and you can climb through and up and around the castle!  Apparently some random dude spent a couple years living out here and built it.  It's super sketch but just the sickest at the same time.  We climbed up to the very top and carved our names in!  There's also a cool giant sandcastle that's made out of rocks that you can walk through.  This place is straight up a dream and something that you definitely have to try out if you ever go to Sweden!  
On Tuesday of this week, Elder Olson and I helped take all the sisters stuff to the train station and then a little after that he shipped off as well.  At this point I was supposed to hop on a train and go stay with the Halmstad Elders until my new companion came in, but something went wack with the trains and all the trains for the next 7 hours were canceled.  I gave President a call, and he sent the Zone Leaders up in their car to spend the day with me.  But while I waited for them, which was about 3 hours, Alba and Sebastian (Our investigators) kept me entertained and talked with me.  The Zone leaders finally made it and we all went out to an Asian Buffet.  Elder Grover's train, was supposed to come in at 8, but because of the mess up with the trains, he got in at about 11:30.  Unfortunately, he got off one stop too early so the Zone Leaders and I had to drive up to him and pick him up.
I'm glad Elder Collin Grover made it though.  He's an awesome dude from Brigham City.  Been out on his mission almost a year and we just get along so well!  He likes to work hard too which is perfect because that's what we'll be doing!  He's also a boxer so I feel like I have my own personal body guard walking beside me. 
We've spent a lot of time this week reaching out to the sisters investigators and it's a little weird to just start teaching these people.  You develop such a love and care for your investigators.  From the first time you meet them to watching them grow and come closer to Christ, it's a special relationship.  I hope I can develop this relationship with the sisters investigators and that their investigators can feel the same way about me.  Speaking of investigators, Alba and Sebastian are just amazing!  They prayed vocally for the first time this week and seem to have a sincere desire to be baptized.  This week we taught a lesson that I had been a little worried to teach, the Law of Chasity.  It's normal in Sweden to live with your boyfriend or girlfriend for several years before getting married.  They even have a word for a person that you live with but aren't married to, it's Sambo.  However, we had an amazing lesson with them focusing on how commandments are here to protect us and tied it back to the plan of salvation and they committed to follow the Law of Chastity!  They have a baptismal date for June 9th and I feel like they'll be ready by then!  
The weather has also been amazing this week!  Almost hot even!  We have now started playing basketball with the ward and our investigators on Friday nights instead of innebandy, and like I'm not good at basketball, but because I'm American I can hold my own.  We also have spent a lot of time talking to people down by the ocean on the beach and on the pier which is lots of fun!  However, the greatest highlight of the week was I had to opportunity to Skype my Mom and family on Mother's day!  I love my Mom so much!  She is perfect to me and she is such a strength to my testimony!  My gratitude grows everyday for her and I don't think I will ever be able to repay her.  Her support and care for me is beyond imagination! I love you Mom! Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers out there!  I have have a testimony of Mothers and the positive impact they make on the world because I have witnessed it first hand with my own Mother!  

Äldste Beckman

Pictures:1. NIMIS!!! 2. I love the ocean!3. There's just tunnels that go through the whole castle! 4. My boi Elder Grover 5. Mess around with the Zone Leaders and a sunsent 


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