March 26, 2018


Helsingborg, Sweden


Elder Taylor Olson

Pure Joy

Okay this week was really good! For sure one of the best so far, maybe even the best!  So let me tell you about it!

We started off the week with a super sick P-Day activity!  We went to this place called Kullaberg and it's basically this super pretty place on the coast where you can walk and hike and look at some pretty cool cliffs that hang over into the ocean!  The whole district went which made it just a blast!  We hiked along the coast to begin with and even though the trees were still kind of dead from winter, all the big rocks and cliffs made up for it.  We then made it to the main part where there's this super cool old light house!  Unfortunately, it was under construction.  But then we somehow hiked down to the bottom where the water was and got some super cool pics with the icicles and snow that was still down there.  We also brought a little one time grill and cooked some hot dogs and marshmallows and basically the whole day was a party with the other missionaries! 
So in case you don't know, we have sisters in our area too which is super awesome because it feels like you can do twice the amount of missionary work!  But anyways, one of their investigators, Gabriel, has been investigating the Church for about 8 months now.  He wanted to be baptized but didn't have support from his parents so he decided to wait. His parents live in Germany and he recently took a trip to visit them and they said they'd support him getting baptized!  He's super awesome and knows so much about the Church.  The only thing he needs to do now is stop smoking, which will be hard because he tried once already and was unable to.  But after the Sisters set up a baptismal date with Gabriel, He wanted a blessing of strength to stop smoking so I had the opportunity to give him one!  I'm so excited for Gabriel!  If all goes well, he'll be baptized on April 21!
This week we also had workovers!  Starting on Thursday, we had our last district meeting for the transfer, and then headed up to Halmstad for the day.  For the rest of the day, I was with Elder Butler who is an awesome missionary from Kaysville, Utah,  went to Davis High and has been out on his mission a transfer longer than I.  But it was super fun to be with him, he's a really happy guy and a great teacher.  The next day, I got to be with Elder Craun and he is the man!  He's from Arizona and played football and wrestling and golf and about any other sport you can think of.  Total athlete and just super fun to be around.  But anyways, while with Elder Craun we did some tracting and contacting and ate a family sized Kebab Pizza and got Fika with one of their members.  Then to top it off, all the Elder came down to Helsingborg for the night so we could join in for Innebandy. The Halmstad Elders then spent the night in Landskrona with us where we made some super good Swedish pancakes and basically had a party for 2 Days straight!  And Before the Halmstad Elders left, they came with us to Lunch with the Malmstens.  The Malmstens had their grandchildren over and 2 of the 4 can only speak Spanish because they live in Costa Rica.  It was a total party!
The weeks not over yet, we still have Sunday. First, some background knowledge.  We have these two recent converts named Mauro and Sara and they are the best humans in the whole World!  They recently got called as primary teachers and are total missionaries.  Anyways, Sara has a 17 year old daughter named Alba and she and her boyfriend used to live with Mauro and Sara, until they were disrespectful and were asked to move out.  That was about a year ago, and since then Alba and her Mom have had very little contact and Mauro hasn't even spoken one word to her boyfriend.  Alba and her boyfriend, Sebastian, have actually been investigating the Church after they came to Mauro and Sara's Baptism.  We've been teaching them a little bit and we really wanted them to come to Church but they don't really have a way of getting there.  So we borrowed the sisters bus cards so that Alba and Sebastian could use them and they came to Church with us where Alba was able to surprise her Mom.  Alba's Mom has been inviting her, but hasn't had success so it was awesome to see them meet up for the first time in a while!  Now we were a little worried about how Mauro would act seeing Sebastian because he's still pretty mad at him for what he had done, but that Sunday when he saw Sebastian he told him that he forgave him!  It was awesome! They haven't talked for over a year!  Now the story gets better.  That night we were able to teach Alba and Sebastian in Mauro and Sara's home and it was like a little family reunion!  I can't adequately express the feelings of love and forgiveness that were in that room as they started to become a family again.  But on top of that Alba and Sebastian committed to be baptized on April 28th! 
Through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, family relations can be healed and strengthened!  I can testify that families are ordained of God and are central to our life on Earth.  I've seen how the gospel saved Mauro and Sara's family, how it has strengthened my family and I know it can do the same for yours!  I know that our Heavenly Father lives and loves us!  I know His son Jesus Christ, died and was resurrected so that we too can live again with our families forever!  I'm thankful for my family and I love them so very much!  Have a wonderful Easter and General Conference weekend and tell your Mom you love her!
Love, Elder Beckman
P.S.  I almost forgot!  This week was the last week of the transfer so that means changes, but not for Elder Olson and I!  We are both staying here in Helsingborg for at least another 6 weeks!
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