March 19, 2018


Helsingborg, Sweden


Elder Taylor Olson

Dop! Dop! Dop!

So let's learn some Swedish!  Dop is pronounced like dope in the English language and means Baptism.  So now you're wondering why I wrote Baptism 3 times in my subject.  I'll tell you, but I've got some other things to say first.
First off, this week was Zone Conference which was super awesome!  We got to go back down to Malmö which is always a good time.  Did you know in Malmö they have 3 part buses?  So it kind of looks like a train with 3 carts.  It's pretty cool.  But this Zone Conference wasn't a regular Zone Conference because Sweden is becoming 1 of 2 European Missions to go Full Technology!  (Along with basically all state-side and Canadian Missions).  So what is a Full Technology Mission?  Well I don't know all the details either yet but I do know we'll all be getting our own phone and we'll have Facebook and will use social media to do missionary work!  It'll be super cool!  It's actually really not that big of change because we all have Iphones out here in the Sweden Stockholm Mission, but only 1 per companionship and they have restrictions on them that limit what you can do.  But these new phones, which will be Samsungs, will have a lot more freedom and we'll each have our own.  I'm excited to see how the work will change and what we can do to better invite others come unto Christ.  
Now to why I wrote Dop 3 times.  The first comes from Thursday when we had an lesson with our investigator named Magnus.  He has been investigating the church for nearly a year now and Elder Olson and I have really been focusing on getting him reading the Book of Mormon because he really hadn't done much of that.  At first he wouldn't read the chapters we invited him to read, but after we started reading some with him and helping him really understand why we invite him to read he began reading the chapters we gave him, and more!  I love the Book of Mormon and in our last lesson he was wondering if he needed to be baptized again because he has already been baptized in the Swedish Church.  We taught him about the Restoration of the Priesthood and afterwards he asked us "When can I get baptized?"  Elder Olson and I were both a little shocked!  We didn't expect that from him but we set up a baptismal date for April 14th!  Magnus is an awesome guy and used to be in a band and I can't wait for him to enter the waters of Baptism.  
The next two Baptisms of the week came on Saturday.  Helsingborg received two new members. One of them was a little 8 year girl named Kajsa!  The other was a lady named Maria and she had actually been a member a while ago, but for whatever reason left the church.  I don't know details.  But has since then come back and was able to be baptized again by a friend of her's.  Both Baptisms were beautiful and just gave me some time to think about what really happens when someone is baptized.  You are literally washed clean from all your sins "like earth right after rain" as the song goes.  Then on top of that, you receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost after you are baptized.  As Kajsa received the Holy Ghost, I couldn't but help thinking that she doesn't really understand the blessing this will be in her life just as I'm sure I didn't fully understand when I was 8.  The Gift of the Holy Ghost is a blessing that the Holy Ghost can be with us at ALL times.  
I'm grateful for the Restored Priesthood that allows ordinances like these to be preformed.  I'm grateful for a Heavenly Father who loves me and watches over me.  I'm grateful that I can renew the baptismal covenants I made every week when I take the Sacrament.  I'm grateful for the peace and joy the Gospel has brought in my life and I'm grateful to be here in Sweden sharing that with others.  Spend some time this Sunday during the Sacrament to think about what happened at your Baptism, the covenants you made and the blessing your Father in Heaven promises you with. 
Äldste Beckman
Pictures:1.  My District Visiting a Svenska Kyrkan 2. Landskrona Baby! That's where I live3. Kajsa's Baptism4.  Neat Church right next to our home


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