February 5, 2018


Visby, Gotland Island, Sweden


Elder Spencer Ashford


Being our on an Island all by myself is my favorite thing ever!  It makes those moments when you see other missionaries have a new sense of joy since it's such a rare occasion.  This week was one of those occasions.
We had Mission Tour this week!  What is Mission Tour you ask?  It's when the a member of the quorum of the 70 comes and visit's your mission to teach and evaluate things.  We had Elder Johnson come and he is over the Missions most of Europe.  It was an awesome conference! But I'm getting ahead of myself.  Let me back up.
So out on Gotland we have a car since our area is the whole island; however, they were switching out some old cars for some new cars.  Which meant we got to take our car with us to Stockholm.  It was so fun driving on to the boat, and then in Stockholm were the speed limits are not super slow and there is more than one lane!  So now I bet you are wondering what car we got?  Well we just got the exact same model of car, just one that had less miles.  It's a Hyundai ix20 I believe.  
But anyways, we drove over on Wednesday, stayed the night in the office with 12 other Elders which was such a party!  Amongst those Elder you had Elder Jarmin from my group and Elder Strong!  My old Companion! 
In the Morning we set off to the conference were we hear lots of amazing and motivating talks from President and Sister Youngberg, the Assistants, and Elder and Sister Johnson.  There seemed to be a message of miracles are possible and what we can do to see these miracles and have success.  It was super great, but to top it off the conference was combined with 2 other zones so I got to see over half of my MTC group! So great!  
Speaking of Miracles.  Elder Ashford lost his walled over 3 months ago, included in that was his driver license so he hasn't been able to drive the whole time he's been here with me.  But right before we were leaving to Mission Tour we got a call that the police has found his wallet!  Super cool, but I was enjoying driving all the time.  
Anyways this week had lots of other cool things happen.  For example we started teaching two new people this week.  Inez a young Swede who's a nurse, and Yvonne a college student here.  Which I think is so funny that we picked up two young investigators when I just spent all of last email talking about all the old guys in my life.  
I had my own little miracle this week as well, want to hear it?  Hopefully you said yes because I'm going to tell you anyways.  On Sunday, Elder Ashford and I were doing our regular Sunday drill.  Wake up, study, go  visit some people, go to church, go visit some more people, have a member dinner, and go teach a lesson.  However, as we were going to teach our lesson I went to pull out my planner which had my lesson notes, plans for the day, and all the other days, and Swedish study notes, and lots of other important information, but I couldn't find it.  Like I know what your thinking, it's just a planner.  You can get a new one.  But here's the thing, a Missionary's planner is not just an ordinary planner.  It's a big deal if it goes missing.  So after we taught our lesson we began our search for the planner.  We started at the church, which was the last place I had remembered seeing it.  We checked every nook and cranny, but nothing.  Tried the apartment complex we had been visiting people in that afternoon.  We walked up an down every street and scanned every square inch of the parking lot, nothing.  It was now getting late and the snow was coming down just about as fast as our hopes of finding.  I then felt then need to say a kneeling prayer.  So that's what Elder Ashford and I did right there in the middle of that parking lot.  Now I can't say I saw a vision of where it was or anything, but I felt a undeniable feeling to keep looking, but not here.  We really only had time to try one other place so as our last shot we went to our investigators home.  We pulled into his parking lot and before we even got out of the car Elder Ashford said "Well look what we have here!"  Sitting there in the parking lot with fresh snow falling on it was my planner.  Brothers and Sisters, I testify that prayers work.  I testify that God is our loving Heavenly Father and is watching out for us.  Now why didn't God just show me exactly where my planner was when I prayed?  I'd say it's because he trusts us.  He trusts that He can send us promptings through the Holy Ghost and that we will respond.  The question now is, Do we trust him?  I read an awesome talk from Stanly G. Elis this week about this.  Here's the link so you don't even have to look it up.  <a href=""></a>  
I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to be serving my Mission.  I'm grateful I get to share the love of our Heavenly Father with the people of Sweden.  I hope you all have a wonderful week, and don't forget to pray!
Elder Beckman
P.S. Fun Fact:  Visby just put in a Cruise Ship Port which means they expect nearly a 100,000 tourist this summer.  The population of Visby its self is only around 25,000.  So let's just say summer time is a whole different experience than winter time.

1. MTC Buddies! 2. Bang Bang Miner Gang!3. Our Old Car4. Sneak peak of Today's Adventure.  More pics and story coming next week. Stay tuned.


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