September 28, 2017


MTC-Provo, Utah


Elder Slaughter

Sweden's on the Horizon!

I'm so pumped to go to Sweden!  I'm at the point where the end is in sight so my eagerness to get out there is so high right now!  It's not like I don't like the MTC or anything, I'm just so excited to go to Sweden!  Speaking of people going to Sweden, if you haven't heard yet Nathan Balls (Pretty much the neatest guy in the world) got called to Sweden!  I literally almost broke the computer when I read his email.  I was so pumped that jumped out of my chair and ran down the hall screaming with excitement!  That might have been the highlight of my week and this week was pretty good!  I mean it snowed!  I was so happy to see the snow in the mountains.  Mt. Timp was packed with snow!  It just made me want get Sweden even more because I love the snow!  
Do you know what else I love?  The Priesthood.  This week I witnessed another amazing testimony builder.  On Sunday night, the missionaries can go watch a Church movie and my district along with several others went and watched one called Testament.  It was a good movie and I could feel the Spirit bear witness to me that our Savior lives, but the cool part happened afterwards.  As we were leaving I heard an Elder yelling for a Doctor!  A sister had passed out and was laying unconscious on the floor.  The Elders in her district asked everyone to pray for her as they administered a priesthood blessing.  There was about 60 missionaries in the room and as we all knelt and prayed, I could feel the spirit stronger than I have ever before in my life.  As the Elders finished the blessing, I heard the sister who was on the floor begin coughing and mumbling words.  I bear you my witness that God loves his Children and loves you.  He has given us his power that we may use it bless the lives of others.  I grateful I can go and bring this message of hope and happiness to those in Sweden.  A Doctor came in moments after the blessing and we all were asked to leave.  The sister would end up being fine and everything is okay with her today.  
On Tuesday, we had a Devotional by Elder Bragg of the 70.  He taught us how to be better missionaries and it was actually pretty motivating.  He taught about six points:  1. Be full of love  2. pray with purpose  3. Act in faith  4. Plan with faith  5. Extend inspired commitments  6. Learn for a life time.  He shared a story about a missionary who was had these six attributes and was very successful, but then he was transferred to a new area, it was actually a new mission.  There had been hardly any baptisms in the area and he was told about how rough and terrible it was there.  He didn't let that get to him and made a goal to baptize 25 converts in 25 days.  After 25 days he had baptized over 30 converts.  That story is sticking with me because everyone's telling me that Sweden's hard and all that jazz, but I'm putting that all aside.  The people of Sweden are Gods children, they made the choice to follow Christ and come to earth.  I know if I follow those six points those I teach will accept the message of the gospel that they once knew and I can have success.  
That's basically the most exciting stuff that's happened this week.  There's been lots of little funny things that have happened this week like I was teaching a less active who was struggling with smoking and I had a scripture come to mind that I wanted to share about how the atonement can help us over come anything.  I only had my Swedish scriptures with me though and I wasn't positive which verse it was, but I still went for it.  I ended up sharing the wrong verse with him.  Instead of it being a hopeful message about the atonement, it said the wicked will be damned.  Hey it still got the message across, just a little more blunt and straight forward.  
Another funny thing that happened is I was teaching another investigator how to pray.  I had her read a little pamphlet and as she read it out loud, she read "We finish by saying In the name of Jesus Christ Amen."  and after that I instinctively said amen.  And it was a lot funnier than it sounds now that I'm typing this up.  But the worse part was the very next day, I was teaching another investigator and had them read the same thing and I did it again.  This time with everyone else in my district watching.  It was so funny and my investigator broke character and everyone was just crying from laughter. Now that I just reread this paragraph I realized how my sense of humor has changed and things that shouldn't be that funny have become funny.  Just trust me it was funny in the moment.  
Another thing I realized is that I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON!  I have always read the scriptures and stuff through out my life, but now that I have been diving deep into the the Book of Mormon and seeing it's blessings and promises in my life, my love for it has gone to a whole new level.  I can testify that the Book of Mormon is the most true book on the earth and it's message contains the fullness of the gospel.  If you are not reading the Book of Mormon daily, change that.  The blessings that come from this Book are we well worth spending the 5 mins it takes to read a chapter a day.  
I love all of you and hope you all watch General Conference this weekend.  Last week Elder Cook put it into perspective when he said "I have seen his face, and heard his voice."  These men not only have been called to represent Jesus Christ, but are also literal witnesses of him.  I'm grateful for their service and I'm grateful for all of you.  
Elder Beckman
Elder Anderson from Riverton and I looking Cute together​
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