October 20, 2020


Sacramento, California


Elder DeVries

Missionary work is back! (Sorta)

Hey everyone,

The past few weeks have seen a lot of changes in my mission with regards to missionary work. Anyone who's followed my emails has seen Matthew 24:14 pretty heavily. Mostly we taught people all over the world, which yielded some crazy results. Now, we as a mission have shifted our focus to something even greater. I never thought it would come, but we can street contact again! It's been a long time. We also have been going to church in person. The last time I did either of those things was in Peru. I miss that. We have been using those 2 new opportunities to find people like never before.

Its surprising how many people have let us come back, as we have talked with them. I want to share a miracle we will never forget. It was 8:30pm, and we wanted to have my trainee hand out his first book of mormon. We were in our apartment, and we decided to set that goal to hand it out. We said a prayer together, and went out. We walked to the first lady we saw and started to talk. She said she recognized us and wanted to come to church. Soon we met the whole family. We are teaching a family now! God really does bless us when we set goals and consult him.

I've been using the magical tool of facebook to find people here in Elk Grove, and I found a lady on there, and we started to talk. She accepted an invite to church and came! Facebook works!

Last thing, Vicki and Scott got baptized. Hands down biggest miracle I've ever seen. God is a God of miracles, and I know that now. As covenant Israel, we are so blessed.

Have a great week everyone.
-Elder Baker


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