October 5, 2020


Sacramento, California


Elder Denton

International Miracles

Hey everyone,

I thought I'd send another email, to check in with everyone. Lifes been good. We are still hard at work. Every day brings new opportunities to have special moments. We are blessed.
In Alma 5:14, Alma asks the brethren of the church if they've experienced a "mighty change in their hearts." This has stuck with me and laid the groundwork for teaching and learning the gospel. More so than hearing and reading is understanding and applying. Its affected how I feel I should interact with others, and in one such scenario, it worked.
We have our couple ready for baptism this saturday, and with lots of patience and perseverance, they are ready. They struggled with coffee for a while, and lost hope of giving it up, but a member saved the day for us. I'm indebted to him, because during our lesson last Monday, he expressed his sincere love for them, and asked them and us to come for dinner on Friday. That moment flipped the script, and Friday, it all happened. We invited the Bishop and his family, and that was one of the most sweet experiences in my mission. Seeing Vicki and Scott interact with members of the ward, smiling and talking, and at the end, telling us they would do whatever it takes to be ready, was powerful. Pray for everything to go as planned this week.
In other news, the fruits of our labors online have come to pass. My friend Ezekiel from Sierra Leone is getting baptized there Saturday. I can say, like Sariah, that "I know of a surety" that the Lord prepared a way for us and the missionaries there to get him ready. I was so happy to get that text from him today, and I know that missionary work is moving along as good as ever.
Other than this, we are still teaching about the same amount of lessons a week, and staying busy all day. My greenie is a great Elder, and we are getting a new companion tomorrow, so now we have 3 people to do even more of this (haha) but I love missionary work! Conference was this weekend and I got my friend John to watch it. He's from Kenya. After watching the first session, he sent me a message, and I'll paraphrase... "it was very powerful. I love it. I was blessed. Thank you Tyler... I feel part of your church.. we are going far." I love everything about the missionary work. I encourage you all to share the Gospel with others. Nothing is more gratifying. Have a great week.

-Elder Baker


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