August 12, 2020


Sacramento, California


Elder Denton

I’m Back !

Hey everyone,
It's probably been well over a month since I sent an email, so sorry about that. I'm still out here in Sacramento, and lifes been great. We teach 50-60 lessons a week, and have our good friend Emmanuel ready for baptism on Saturday. Luis, my friend from Mexico, accepted the baptismal invitation. Jesus and Luz from mexico accepted to be married and baptized yesterday. John David from Bangladesh will be baptized in a few weeks. Many more are getting there. I have made hundreds of new friends from around the world, and day by day, I see how wonderful Heavenly Fathers plan is. We are meant to be in quarantine and work online for a reason. I've had some crazy things happen in this past month, and so many people have said we are the answer to their prayers. For a long time, I felt confused and lost because I had to come home from Peru, because I loved it so much, and i didn't want to go home. But this past month, i see what God had in store. I've connected with hundreds of people I never would've met if I stayed. There are truly people all over the world that "are kept from the truth, only because they know not where to find it", and that much I can testify. I thank my father in heaven every day for all of this. Lifes been so amazing since I got here on June 3rd. So many miracles have happened every day, and I wish I had more time to tell you all of them. But, I can say that the Lord loves us, and his course is one eternal round. Things happen for a reason. Thanks for the prayers and love, life is great.
Alma 26:37

Foto: My 96 yr old Mexican friend


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