June 15, 2020


Sacramento, California


Elder Denton

Do NOT clean hoarders garages; a story by Elder Baker

What's up everyone!
This has been my second week in Sacramento and I'm still loving it. Although we are stuck inside a lot, it's been memorable for sure. We are still teaching a good amount over the phone, which keeps us busy, and doing a lot of service projects, which brings me to...
We cleaned out the garage of a hoarder. It was a odd experience, and what was supposed to be a 3 hour project turned into 6. I won't get into details of how gross it was, but safe to say, we won't be doing that anytime soon. But, I'm glad we helped her out because she really needed it.
We got to have a zoom devotional with Elder Whiting of the 70, and he talked a lot about setting goals and being a better missionary, and encouraged us to work on attributes of Christ, which was awesome. We definitely took it to heart and are working together on developing attributes of Christ better.
It was a good week, we still have our friend on date for the 20th, and she's super prepared and excited, and we are too. I'm glad to be back out in the field again and serve. It's been awesome! I know the Gospel blesses lives, its blessed mine! Have a good week!
-Elder Baker

1. Truth!
2. The lady who's garage we cleaned gave us gold chains for helping her! #ice
3. Cleaning the garage..


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