February 10, 2020




Elder Farias

Anotha One

Whats up everyone!
Another week FLEW by. I cant believe im over 20% done with the mish. Time does fly out here. We have transfers in a week and thats absolutely crazy to think of. I think I might actually get the chance to venture to a new area, because ive been out well over 4 months in this area. Its gonna be interesting to see, but i have had a great time in this first area. Its gonna be sad if i leave, but if the Lord calls me somewhere, gotta go!
As the time has gone by, i have started to see the effect of the Atonement in the lives of the people we teach. Its one of the most amazing things to see and experience, and almost hard to describe. When I see these people leaving it all behind to pray, read, come to church and change for the better to become a disciple of Christ, I almost get emotional! And when someone doesnt accept these blessings, we feel so bad! I know this is the Lords work, and he always guides us. We have another 4 people potentially locked in to be baptized this week, and we have felt so blessed. As ive been out more time, ive come to love the work and these people, and I cant wait to see what the future holds.
Thanks for all your love and support once again, always means a lot. God be with you till we meet again!

Pic: even out here in peru we rep!


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