January 20, 2020




Elder Farias

Another Week Out

Whats up everyone!
The time is flying by in my mission. Im already way past 4 months, but i have enjoyed every moment of it. This week we have been really busy, bouncing in and out of teaching appts still, and we have made a lot of progress. One of the people we have been working really hard with is Tomas. He has about 75 years, and a lot of health issues. He is always in pain, and cant walk very well. We knocked on his door one morning and his wife let us in. We taught them the Restoration and then invited them to church. I didnt have a lot of faith they would really come, so I told my comp we would wait to see if they would actually come to church to visit them again. BOY was I so wrong. He actually showed up to church last week! He lives crazy far from the church and walked the whole way! With all his health issues and everything, he sacrificed it all to come to church, and he loved it! When I saw them walking into the church my jaw kinda dropped. Anyways, he has progressed really well and is on date for the 1st of February. Its really inspiring to see the effect this Gospel has on people as humble as he is. Ive really come to love the people and enjoy the service we can offer to them.
Its been a really good time out here. We still have really good people on date, and we used this week to help them all progress. The end of this transfer is gonna be crazy. Its always great to have people to visit and help. I really feel that as a person, I have started to find the true joy of missionary work. Getting to dedicate two years of my life to save the eternal lives of others is something I don't know if ill ever comprehend, but im greatful for every moment.
Overall, i'm doing really well out here. Its a busy time, but we are working hard. A mission is a sacred experience that changes lives. Im glad I have this opportunity, and I can be in this area with these people. Thanks for all the constant support and love, talk to yall soon!
-Elder Baker


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