January 13, 2020




Elder Farias

Semana de Milagros

Whats up everyone!
Another insane week absolutely flew by out here in the Amazon! Basically the last time I wrote, I was waiting for my new comp. Tuesday, we met. His name is Elder Farias, and hes from Chile. Hes really great, just really chill, and a hard worker. Thats a really good thing because we have never been busier. We have been bouncing in and out of teaching appts every day this week, and we have made a ton of progress. We have put a ton of people on date in various weeks in this transfer, and we are crazy excited. Ive had the privilege of directing the area and doing the planning, and we have just been hard at work. This week ive experienced a huge change. Ive been a lot more in tune with the spirit and have been more able to recognize the miracles in my life. Its been a crazy time and a lot of really amazing things happened this week.
First, we had the baptism of Edwin. It was an amazing day. We have been working so hard with him, and he has overcome a lot to make it to this day. On the day of his baptism I had never seen him happier. Almost all his family, who are non-members, came to support him, along with some of our investigators. It was really just a cool day. I have gotten so close to Hermano Edwin in our time teaching him, and im so proud of him and the change he has made in his life. Thats definitely why we are here as missionaries, to help these people make these changes in their lives, and feel the love our Heavenly Father has for them.
The other really cool experience I had was with Nicolas. He was one of our old investigators in my first transfer, and we basically stopped teaching him because he only lived here to study, and traveled back home on the weekends and could never attend church. However, we were walking down his street yesterday, and I had a strong feeling to visit him. We decided to pass by, and it turned out he was home, and was really excited to see us. He told us he lives here by himself all the week, and he feels really lonely. It was also his birthday too. (wild right?) We started to talk, and he pulled out his Book of Mormon and told us he had been reading it, along with all the lesson pamphlets we gave him. He told us all about them, and we were really impressed. He even told us he takes work off on Sundays to keep the Sabbath. In the end, we put a date on him and hes committed to work hard with us to follow through.
Overall, this mission is a HUGE blessing. I absolutely am loving my time here, and yeah at times it can be pretty hard, but I love this place. The spirit guides us, and I know this is the Lords work. He is helping us, and I feel really blessed. Thank you all so much for your love and support, im grateful for it all. Have a great week!
-Elder Baker


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