January 1, 2020




Elder Leon

Feliz Año Nuevo

Hey everyone!
Another wild week down out here! Life is well. Not a whole lot has changed, but we are out here doing our best every day. We have been having a lot more success with the people these days, and we put a baptism date down on Edwin. He has been changing a lot, and he is a lot happier now. He says he feels ready, and we have been passing by to help him every day. Other than that, we have been doing a lot more teaching and have started to progress more each day. The highlight was Monday, when I went on an exchange with our zone leader, Elder Chura, who goes home in a week. I learned a lot from him, and my perspective on everything has changed. The work has been a little rough at times, but with his help we have been talking with a lot more people and its opened up lots of opportunities to share the Gospel. We are in a good place right now, and we feel really happy.

I can officially confirm that New Years Eve is the wildest day here by far. All night the music was insanely loud, and fireworks going off ALL night. We didnt get a whole ton of sleep, but thats all good. These people have an insane tradition where they basically make scarecrows of themselves and dress it with their actual clothes, and make masks of themselves and set it on a chair outside their houses until midnight. When midnight hits, they burn the whole thing to basically symbolize theyre gonna be a whole new person and burn down their old ways. And then, party hard the whole night. The life of a missionary is just grand. But we out here.

Other than all that, life is really good. My testimony grows every day here. I love my mission and all the chances I have to share the Gospel. This has been a wild experience and hasnt always been easy, but i love it all. Have a good week everyone!

-Elder Baker


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