December 25, 2019




Elder Leon

A Tropical Christmas!

Hello and Feliz Navidad everyone!

This past week has been a crazy one, and the big news was the wedding of Liz and Levy. It was a crazy experience preparing all this, because there were a lot of problems in trying to make this work, but Saturday they were married. Me and my comp got to be the 2 witnesses and sign all their papers. Right after, we baptized Levy, and it was a wonderful experience. We definitely have a lot of love for them and the people here. Experiences like that are what change you as a person, and my desire to love and serve everyone has grown so much. Other than that, we have been working really hard, and we have another on date, his name is Edwin, and he has had a lot of problems in his life, and had a really bad accident in his motorcycle and cant walk super well. He is awesome and hes on date for the 5th of January.

Christmas here is pretty wild, and the people party harder than usual. We didnt get a whole lotta sleep last night because of the loud music and all haha, but we have been looking for a lot of opportunities to help these people, because a lot of them are really poor, and we want to help them. One cool thing we did was we went to the center of the city and handed out copies of the Liahona and contacted while the members in our ward shined shoes of the people. Other than that, yesterday we handed out toys to all the little kids we could see and clothes to all the families. I have been thinking a lot about home this week and how lucky i am to live where i live. Many people here have nothing, out in the middle of the Amazon, but they are happy with what they have, and ive been really humbled during my time here.

Lastly, I want to say im very grateful for my mission. Being on a mission has definitely changed me. Its very very hard for many reasons, but above all, i am so thankful I can be here and serve these people and The Lord. Mosiah 3:17 is always on my mind and I love serving and helping everyone. Ive grown to love every part of this mission and every moment i can serve, teach, and help everyone. Thank you to everyone who has emailed and sent your love, I miss you all and hope you have a merry Christmas.

-Elder Baker

(pictures are of the wedding of liz and levy and baptism of levy and nicol)


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