December 16, 2019




Elder Leon

The white dude in Peru

Whats up everyone!

Another week down here in jungle Peru absolutely flew by! This week has been about learning and growing. We had to push the wedding and baptism back another week because of problems with the birth certificates, and that was the 3rd time we delayed it. It was pretty frustrating because Levy is completely ready and has already started to function in the church, but good news finally came with the birth certificates and we finally confirmed the date! The 21st is the day and we are very relieved. We have had a rough patch with a lot of our other investigators and we have been left with a lot of open time to contact. But i feel like ive really learned patience. Its definitely a lot harder than I thought, but I really have had some good times here.

Something really interesting that happened this week is i went on an exchange with my white friend Elder Mcclellan. It was really hilarious because we have both been here for the same amount of time and we are both white and not fluent so we just went for it. We felt so strange out there, but we actually did really well! We sat down with a lot of his investigators and actually were progressing with them! I guess what I learned from that is we have actually come a long way! I remember my first day here and I can definitely say something has changed. Overall it was pretty funny doing all that because we are literally the only two white people in this whole city, and we sometimes confuse the heck outta people because we talk in English sometimes and they give us some crazy stares. Not a lot of these people have interacted with gringos before, and two of them? Dressed really crazy and you dont know why? Oh, and they can (sorta) speak your language? Oh man we had a great time!

Thats basically all for this week! Hope all of you are doing well! Talk to yall soon!

The white dude in Peru,
-Elder Baker


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