November 18, 2019




Elder Leon

Pasa Nada

Whats up everyone!

Another week has absolutely FLOWN by. We are having a great time though. Basically i have expressed in my past emails the difficulty of missionary work. But, ive failed to mention how amazing and rewarding it is. The Lord is aware of us in every moment, and he is here to help us. A blessing of this week is two amazing people we met, Liz and Levi. We went on companion exchanges last week, and They actually came and contacted my companion. They live right next to us, and theyre amazing!!!! Liz is a member, but is inactive and scared to come to church. Levi isnt a member but wants to change and grow. We had our first lesson with them and it was amazing. They are the literal definition of the people the Lord is preparing to accept the gospel. They came to church on Sunday and they loved it! Theyre so awesome and we are very excited to meet with them tomorrow. The problem is theyre not married, but theyve been together since they were 15 so we want to discuss that with them. Send prayers they will accept!

There were some protests here this week and it was actually pretty dangerous. We had to stay in our house all day. We tried to leave and a bunch of protesters yelled in spanish -THESE WHITE PEOPLE ARE TAKING OUR WATER!!!- basically the protesters are the jungle natives who dont get water sent to them so they come to the city to riot. Two years ago 35 people were shot and killed in that, lucky us... perks of being a white guy with all these natives right?

Basically the food situation has not improved. Ive mentioned some of the goodies i have eaten, and yesterday i had another. Cow stomach. Im dying. Ill let yall imagine what thats like. Maybe its just this area but seriously i need something like skittles these days. No worries, i ate it all though :)

Basically other than that, life is great here. I love this area, and we are progressing with the people. We have a lot of hope for success now. Life is pretty normal, and we are having a great time. I have a lot more i want to say but thats about all i have time for. Love yall, have a good week!
-Elder Baker


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