November 11, 2019




Elder Leon

Week 3 out here!

Hi everyone!

Its wild i have been here for three weeks. Ill tell ya right now it doesnt feel like it. This week has been an eye opener and ive learned a lot about being a missionary. Early on, i thought this wasnt so hard because we were always setting appointments and had people to teach, had lots preparing for baptism, and were just kinda cruising! This week it all kinda came crashing down. A lot of out investigators kinda dipped on us, and we lost almost our whole teaching pool. We went a few days without teaching and we had some sad times. This week opened my eyes because i realized how hard this is! We had lots of people yell at us,, and more slam doors and bible bash with words and all that. Its hard to hear because our message is true and we are here to help!

At one point we asked, why are we here? Why do we deal with this? We prayed a lot for help and strength, and I testify that Heavenly Father hears our prayers. We found a new family, and they are absolutely wonderful. Their names are Ana , Jareli, Gisella, and Giancarlos. They have been searching for truth for so long. Theyve spoken with every Church, and believe me theres a ton here, to find that happiness. When i left after the first lesson me and my comp just stood there and hugged. It was an amazing experince because Preach My Gospel tells us there are people waiting for us, searching for the truth only because they dont know where to find it. We are so grateful for the many blessings we{ve received this week. We have built up our teaching pool again, the ward has come to help us, and we have gotten towards baptism with this family and others. There is hope. Im so grateful for this opportunity to be here. Our Heavenly Father knows us, loves us, and wants to bless us!

Other than that, life here is normal. I think im adjusted to life, and its pretty funny, ill get made fun of beacuse im the tallest person here, dress different, and im sorta white. One guy yelled at me, GRINGO!!! and tried to hand me a green card. We died. Also, i should address the food situation. Its generally pretty good, but ive had some insane stuff. For example, Cow intestine, Guinea pig, and this week, SNAKE! Absolutely wild. The funny thing is, ill eat it and everyone will watch me, and after i eat it, theyll ask, hey Elder Baker, what do you think you just ate? Ill be like, uhhh chicken? Nope Elder, you just ate snake. What the heck is this place. Also i eat some weird fruits too, ill attatch some pics. But yeah, lifes good! Thanks for all your support, love yall!

Elder Baker


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