November 4, 2019




Elder Leon

Welcome to the Jungle

Whats up everyone!

Week 2 out here in the jungle was pretty wild. Sorry for my lame email last week, ill try to make this one a bit better. This week has been a change, i think im a lot more adapted to life out here, and as we have had more time to progress with the people, a lot has changed. Ill start by describing life here a bit. I get a really big island vibe every day here, because of the way everyone lives. Basically chilling and partying. Seriously, people party hard here. Fireworks and loud music all day and night, pretty crazy haha. Its insanely hot here, and we sweat like crazy. Fast sunday was yesterday, and we started on saturday and did two full days of working, and now were all a bit sick and recovering. Oops. But yeah this place is crazy, we have a lot of wildlife here, and it ranges from parrots to wild pigs, to roosters, and basically everything the jungle has, plus a million stray dogs. And as a bonus, the roosters wake us up every morning! Basically as far as teaching goes, this week was a lot harder. I think i mentioned last week how the people are very accepting, but its hard to progress. We have tryed to get people ready for a baptism date, but its really hard. We have had to move on from a lot of people who were promising at the start because we realized we couldnt progress and we had some rough days. Our core group of people to teach has gotten smaller, but we are working hard to fix that. We met a Hermana named Mary the other day, shes a single mom with two kids, and shes great. We feel really confident in her and we are gonna try to get her to church this sunday and she has expressed her desire to do so, we think shes going to progress a lot. We have a few more we are working hard with, one is the Familia Aguilar. They are a mom y dos hijas, and their father died a few months ago. They have had a rough time, and weve been helping them. We are hoping theyll come to church with us sunday too, so they can progress towards baptism. There are more, but i dont have much time haha sorry. Our teaching pool has gotten smaller though. There have been hard days but that is part of the mission. My testimony of this work has gotten much stronger. Ive started to feel this is where i need to be right now. Its definitely difficult to see the people not progress all the time, but im so grateful for every opportunity i have to teach and learn. My advice for anyone is to trust in our Savior, because he has felt every pain and sorrow we have. And because he has, we can trust he can help and heal us. While there have been hard times, there have been many good times. Im grateful to be here and serve and love. Thanks for all your love and support, you all are awesome! Also, if you guys could send me your favorite scriptures for me to share with the people, id appreciate it :) Nos Vemos!
-Elder Baker


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