October 28, 2019




Elder Leon

Where am I?

Hey everyone!
I made it to peru! i dont have a lot of time but ill share all i can today. The coolest part, im in the middle of the amazon rainforest!! Absolutely wild. I was so pumped to be assigned here. My companion is Elder Leon, he is a native peruvian and doesnt speak english, same with everyone here, so ive had to adapt. My improvement with spanish is night and day. Im very confident with speaking now. Ill describe this place a little, its called Jaen, in the middle of the rainforest part of Peru. Its a culture shock. Everyone here lives in mud huts, with tin roofs, and dirt floors. Its insanely hot too. But i love this place. The people here are great and very accepting, and we are teaching lots of people. The conditions here are crazy different from the states, and i realize ive taken a lot for granted, but ive come to love every part of it. We have a good time. Other stuff, theres thousands of stray dogs, and nobody drives cars, only dirtbikes. Taxis here are three-wheeled dirtbikes with a top on them. Its absolutely crazy being a part of all this.
We've had a lot of success actually with the people. Everyone believes in christ and all he did, so its easy to grasp Christs life on earth and visit to the Americas. Its also why people are so accepting, because everyone loves families and Christ more than anything. We have had the opportunity to invite Luis, Mileydi, Lea, Marissa, Deli, Rosa, and Angela to baptism this week. They all accepted and we are so excited for them. We will be working hard to get them to their dates.
I dont have much more time, but im so grateful to be here. Living in the jungle is different for sure, but so so cool. I love it, and im excited to learn more and meet more people. Thanks for all the support up to this point, ive appreciated it lots. Im so pumped to be here and get going on the mission! Let me know how yall are doing! Chau!
-Elder Baker


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