October 19, 2019


Missionary Training Center


Elder Foy

Peru tomorrow!!

Hello everybody,

Crazy to think six weeks have gone by in the MTC. I head to Peru tomorrow morning. Quick update, i'm still the travel leader, we've just had a bunch more people added to my group, so it'll be a bit interesting. I'm so excited though. I can't wait to eat actual food for once when we get to the airport haha, but it'll be a long way. Long, but good!

Really, I wanted to use this email to reflect on the MTC and my experiences here. I'll summarize it by saying its so amazing. I didn't really know what to expect when I got here, but i'll say this was the 6 most rewarding weeks of my life. Time flys here, and thats why in every mission email they say they cant believe they've been here as long as they have, because it's true! There have been hard times, but so many more good times. I'm grateful to be surrounded by people who are supportive, happy, and fun. Its incredible always beng around so many people who love being there and it shows. As i've been able to write over the weeks, i've shared some funny experiences, and things like that happen every day here. My district is awesome, and we've come up with some creative stuff. I'm grateful for all that becuase its really easy to get stressed and frustrated here, im glad we all have had each other to fall back on when we struggle. We've become really close, and it'll be hard to leave them! We all do everything together, which is rare for 13 people. But, im happy I got to be with them. I was originally supposed to go to the Peru MTC, but all the Peru missionaries got switched here over the summer. At first, I was pretty mad! But, everything happens for a reason. As time has passed, and i've gotten to talk to all the Peru missionaries here, we've all agreed that we love this place so much more. If i hadn't come here I wouldn't have gotten to meet all the amazing people and see all my good friends as missionaries. What a blessing! Sometimes, something happens in our lives and we think its a trial, but it turns out to be a blessing! I have loved it here, it'll be sad to leave, but tomorrows gonna be fun :)

I'm gonna quickly share a cool thing, on Tuesday, Elder Cook came and spoke to us! We were all dying to have an apostle come before we left, and in our last week, we got one! Man it was cool. He said the day he came here, he assigned over 200 missionaries, because thats what the apostles do. He said the spirit guides him so strongly while he's assigning them, that if he picks the wrong place for somebody, the spirit leaves and he feels it. So for all you people on missions or are wanting to go, I know that wherever you are or will go is the place for you, and the Lord is preparing people for you, and many lives, including your own are blessed when you serve a mission. Church is true!

Like I said, tomorrow morning im outta here. I don't have too much more time because todays crazy busy, but I just wanna say how grateful i am for this mission. I've enjoyed it all. Has there been hard times? Absolutely. But, I think thats part of why I love this place. Its been so rewarding and we've all grown so much. Thank you so much to everyone whos emailed and supported me during me time here, it really has meant a lot! Next email is gonna come from Peru, ill be sure to send some crazy stories then. But, its been a crazy ride here, and i've loved it all. Now the real work begins :)

See you all soon!
-Elder Baker


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