October 12, 2019


Missionary Training Center


Elder Foy

One Week Left !

Hey everyone!

Sorry for not emailing last week, conference kept us pretty busy. Speaking of conference... it was so awesome! We were blessed to be able to watch all 5 sessions. Totally worth it. Getting to watch all the sessions with all the other missionaries was really cool. They all cheered when Elder Holland spoke, and you could feel the excitement every time the prophet got up. My love for all the church leaders grew so much that conference weekend. My favorite talk was by Peter M. Johnson in the Sunday afternoon session, i'll share my favorite quote. "first, remember that the first great commandment is to love God with our heart, might, mind and strength. All that we do should be motivated by our love for Him and for His Son. As we develop our love for Them by keeping Their commandments, our capacity to love ourselves and to love others will increase. We will begin to serve family, friends, and neighbors because we will see them as the Savior sees them- as sons and daughters of God." I loved his talk, and that quote felt most applicable to me these days. Church is true everyone :)

I have about a week left in the CCM. I'm actually kinda sad! I've grown to love this place, and all the people here. I got my travel plans yesterday, and we were all so excited. I'm the "travel leader" and we've gotta be up at 4:30 and ready to leave. We fly from SLC to Atlanta, and from there to Lima, Peru. The only real problem here is Chiclayo and Lima are on opposite sides of the country, and we don't really know how we're gonna get there. That could be a long bus ride haha.. It'll work out i hope, but for now im excited!

A few days ago, me and my comp were sitting near our classroom on the top floor of our training building and reading our scriptures, starting to doze off, when all of the sudden, the fire alarms go off. We were a bit freaked out. Turns out it wasn't a drill, but nothing burned down. I swear the oddest stuff happens around here...

Life at our dorm is crazy. We party a lot. Since I've last emailed, we've gotten a basketball hoop, spikeball, and we built a ping pong table. Ill have to send a picture later, but it's legit. Yes, we do study!

We're teaching a new TRC, his name is Miguel. Miguel is from Colombia and basically is meeting with us because he is interested in religion and since he's studying at UVU, we were a convenient place to start. I love Miguel because he is so open, and accepts all our invitations with confidence. He's reading the Book of Mormon every day, and he's eager to show us what he's been reading and how its affected his week. We love to share scriptures and experiences with him. He's a great guy and i'm so excited for him. Me and Elder Foy's spanish have improved so much its crazy. We're feeling pretty good about how far we've come. Gift of tongues!

I'll quickly share one more funny story, me and Foy decided to get haricuts this week. We've heard some sketchy things about the haircuts here, but I guess we decided to go out and give it a try! One of them definitely turned out better than the other. I wont say who, but I was very happy with how mine turned out! Ya he was mad. Lets just say he looks a lot different, but my logic there was, hey man, if you're gonna get a bad haircut, might as well get them on the mish! RIP my companion.

Anyways, thats probably all I have time for, we've got a busy last week, and we woke up at 4:45 to do laundry this morning, so I hope you all have a great week! Thanks for everyone who's emailed, you all are the best :) Let me know how you're doing, and let me know what your favorite conference talk was!

Con mucho amor,
Elder Baker


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