September 21, 2019


Missionary Training Center


Elder Foy

The Great Waxing!

Hello everyone!
Crazy to think i've been in the CCM for two weeks now. This week has been crazy, but amazing! I'm learning Spanish so well. It's actually getting sorta hard to type these because I try to do as much as possible in Spanish. I am so grateful for the gift of tongues. It's so incredibly real!

Yesterday, we had a newly called general authority visit our class, Elder Giminez and his wife. They're so nice, and i could feel the spirit so strongly with him. He explained the process of calling missionaries to where they're assigned. He testified that The Quorum of the Twelve does receive inspiration from our Heavenly Father to call every single missionary, and where we go is the perfect place for us. I loved that so much.

Me and Elder Foy had an opportunity to teach our first TRC this week. He wanted to know about Joseph Smith and Christ in America mostly, we were happy to teach. I had him read Joseph Smith History verse 25, so powerful. I love the opportunity to teach, it brings us such joy to bring others unto Christ. He said he will continue to pray and read the BOM, im so happy for his progress he's made.

I joined the choir. Crazy right? I thought so too. Great decision, i'll tell ya. We got to sing at our Tuesday night devotional, where Elder Stephen W. Owen, general YM president, came to speak. He taught us that we should always be motivated to be the best we can, even after our missions. All of these experiences have increased my desire to serve so much. Oct. 21 can't come soon enough.

Yesterday, Elder Youd had to go home. Our district will miss him. He was the funniest guy. But we just had to send him off right. This part will explain the title of this email very well. An elder in our district, Elder Turley, asked what we should do to honor Youd. Having 14 guys in our district, we got pretty crazy. We decided to wax Elder Christiansen's chest. Yes, you read that right. Two days later, Elder Turley's mom sent him wax strips in the mail. The stage was set for "The Great Waxing". That night, we gathered our district, the Tongan speaking Elders, and the Portuguese Elders together to witness the marvelous event. Elder Youd put a bunch of wax strips on him and pulled them off. That looked SO painful. We were laughing so hard though. Funny thing is, it didnt stop there. Everyone wanted to join in, so some of the Portuguese Elders offered to have their chests and legs waxed. The climax of the marvelous event happened when Elder McKendrick had his armpits waxed. If i said everything else was painful, this was far above it. He was bleeding, and he cried. We laughed anyways, he did too. It was the best night. Don't you all agree we sent Elder Youd off right? This is just the kind of stuff that happens when you put a bunch of guys in a room.

Overall, i'm loving it here. My district is amazing, they feel like my brothers, and i'm so grateful. I'm also grateful to be a missionary, it's hard, but it's worth it. Thank you to everyone who emailed me this week! I appreciate all your support, I miss you all mucho. Hope you all have a good week! Please email if you need anything or have any crazy ideas of stuff we can do! Lol totally kidding ;)

Hope to hear from you all soon!
Con Mucho Amor,
Elder Baker


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