June 15, 2022




Its hot mr. han

It is heating up and I am dying! But other than that things are good. Not too much has been going on this week. 
But really cool thing, our friend Laura who is on date for September came to church and was crying after relief society because of how excited she is to be baptized. It was so amazing!
We have also been planning out Sandi and Selena's baptism for this Saturday which is kind of weird because they don't know each other at all but since their baptisms were one day apart the ward decided to just do them at the same time.  I still think it's a bad idea, but it's what we're doing now and we are going to make it epic because we are literally so excited for them both!!!
There is a speech Holland gave at BYU called "Cast not away therefore Your Confidence" from the verse Hebrews 10:35 and it is literally so amazing so go listen to it. He talks about just how hard life is especially as a member of the church and that we should never draw back from what we have learned and experienced and keep our confidence of the things we know to be true. There's a specific quote I want to highlight, 
"Don’t lose your confidence. Don’t forget how you once felt. Don’t distrust the experience you had. That tenacity is what saved Moses when the adversary confronted him, and it is what will save you."
We have all had spiritual experiences that have let us know God is there and Christ loves us, but sometimes those experiences are farther in the past than we would like then to be. But so what, that doesn't make it any less powerful or true. If you felt it was right a month ago it doesn't become wrong now because it's hard and not as easy as it used to be. This goes for things like school and work too.
Anyway, this talk is amazing and these are just some of my thoughts and hopefully they made sense
I love you all!!
- Elder Knudsen 
- last pic with pres and sis Weaver- cute selfies- we found a really fun forest- meme- if you were wondering this does not taste good 


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