May 25, 2022





What's up all you lovely people! It has been a minute minute some quick updates.
Our Recent Converts daughter, Ginny, moved from Texas a few weeks ago and we were meeting with her very often and two Saturdays ago she was baptized! She was so happy and she cried while a member in our ward played amazing grace and it was so good! Our ward kind of struggles at showing new Members support, but she knows some people and loves coming to church, so that's super exciting.
Also, our friend Mel was going to get baptized last Saturday but wasn't quite ready and now she's moving back home next week, so a little sad, but we introduced her to the missionaries where she lives at and it's not super far from us so maybe we will still get to see her be baptized.
We also recently started teaching another Recent convert's daughter, Selena, which has been a little hard because she is deaf and we don't have an assigned ASL missionary. So we really haven't been able to teach her until this last Monday. We found out a senior missionary here knows ASL and came down to help us. The lesson was so spiritual, we talked about the restoration and why we need to be baptized and after we asked her if she would like to be baptized she started to sign "yes, I really want that" over and over again. It was so amazing! After the lesson we talked with the senior missionary, Sister Klundt and she told us that she hasn't translated in over 15 years so she thought it was going to be really rough, but she told us she knows God was helping her. It was such an amazing lesson!
Quick thought: go read President Nelson's talk from conference, Building Spiritual Momentum. It's so good! One part I want to focus on is this quote, "we need daily experiences worshipping the Lord and studying His gospel."Daily experiences. Not just reading and praying daily, but daily experiences reading and praying. To me that's a huge difference! Everyday have an experience that would be worth writing down and sharing with others.
That's all, I love you all so much! Have a fantastic week!- Elder Knudsen 
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