April 20, 2022




Happy Easter

Hello everybody! How was your Easter? It was pretty cool over here, everyone was way more down to hear a message than on any other day. It was great!
 These past couple weeks have been pretty great and really busy. So my new companion is Elder White and he's literally so sick. He did some filming before the mission so he's been teaching me some things and every week we film an event for our Facebook page called the bonfire and it's really cool to see it be filmed, edited, and put up on the page in the span of two days. We also get to travel over the mission so literally the second day of the transfer we drove for 7 hours so we could get to Illinois and back. And this week we are driving to Kentucky.
In other news, we met our friend Imagine and she is so cool. She responded to an ad on Facebook and wanted to learn more about faith. So we met at the church and gave her a tour and she came to church the next sunday. We talked more and she wants to learn so much about Christ, she is tired of her church where they just talk and don't learn anything. We've met a couple times and we're excited to meet again.
Also, we met the coolest member. His name is David and we were asked to give him a call because everyone thought he moved, but turns out he just hasn't been to church for a while. So we went and visited him and he told us how much he loves the missionaries. He told us about the missionaries in the past he worked with and about some of the people they used to visit and so we started going with him to visit some of those people who just got forgotten and we are going again later this week to visit some inactive members too. 
Small scripture this week: alma 31:5Go read it and love it!
I love yall! Have a great week!
-elder Knudsen
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