April 6, 2022




Big News

Many exciting things happening over here
First, yesterday Cora got baptized and it was so amazing! Her friend Hayleigh was with her the whole way and they were both beyond excited for this day. They have plans to get some family history done and go to the temple already and we are so excited for them. Cora has grown such a testimony of this gospel, especially since her parents are not for it but she knows it's true and right. Literally so cool! 
Quick story. We have been talking to our neighbor Nathan ever since we got here and he is the best. We never had any formal teaching moment but we often just see him having a drink outside and we talk about our beliefs and he talks about his. We've told him about the Book of Mormon a little and the plan of salvation a little and a couple other things. Well last night after we got back from the baptism, he was standing outside and we talked like normal and he stopped us and made a deal. He said he wants to go back to church, and he kind of wants to explore this church so he said, If yall come to my church me and my family will go to yours. We were like deal! So we need to get it approved first but we are going to make it happen 
Other news, transfers are tomorrow and I'm staying here and Elder Hendrix is headed to Nashville. I don't know my new companion yet because I'm training! It's a little nerve racking because I'm still going to be a tech Elder so we will see how this all works out. 
Also, how was general conference? What was your favorite talk? Why?I loved the Saturday morning session so much! Go on a mission everybody, you'll love it!I absolutely loved Bednar's talk about the Hymn let us all press on and heeding not to bad things of the world. It was great. I did forget most of what was said so I am definitely going to relisten to a bunch of them. The cool part though is we only watched one session by ourselves. The rest were with people we are teaching at a Members home and that is the best way to watch conference! 
I love you all! Go listen to at least one conference talk this week!
-Elder Knudsen

- conference snacks - conference with Donny and his wife Yaelina- Cora and Hayleigh - conference bingo - Steve- cool church building - last tech meeting of the transfer


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