March 9, 2022




Support Your Local Missionary

This week has been amazing! First off, reach out to your missionaries and offer help with lessons and let them know you want to helpThis week we had a challenge to have 100% member attended and it has made a huge change in the work. So, introduce yourself to the missionaries in your ward and tell them you're ready to help.
Story time! So a couple weeks ago we went to the TRC(Tennessee Rehabilitation Center) which is a college for people who have a physical or mental disability and this way they can learn a vocation. A member had called needing a blessing. Her name is Hayleigh and I think I sent a picture of her 2 weeks ago. It was a really amazing experience, the cool part is that a few day later, we were introduced to her friend Cora who is also at the TRC and wants to learn more about the church. So we met with her a couple times and on Thursday we asked her if she wanted to be baptized on the 17th and she was so excited she could hardly say yes. It was so amazing! We asked Cora to say the prayer and she was so excited she could hardly say that either. Many tears were shedThe best part is that hayleigh is always there to answer any questions she has and she called us Sunday night and told us that she had Cora's baptism program all planned out and they are both so excited for next week!So again, meet with your missionaries! It's the best!
Sunday was hectic, but in a good way. We had 5 people come to church and we were running all over the place. We sat in the foyer during sacrament so we could still with Sandi, then after we had to answer a couple questions Cora and Hayleigh had about her baptism, then we had to run to the bishops office to confirm Marty, then we had an impromptu lesson with our new friend Justin who came to church with Cora and we were so worried that we wouldn't be able to help everyone, but it was kind of better that way. Usually when we have one or two people come to church we have it covered and are trying to introduce them to members, but the ward saw we were running around trying to talk with everyone that they jumped in and helped more than ever. They introduced themselves to the people we are teaching and offered to help with a lesson the next time we meet and it was literally the best!So don't only talk with the missionaries, introduce yourself to the people the missionaries ate teaching and offer to sit by them at church. It makes a world of difference. 
Also, go read 3 Nephi 11. We have been studying basically this whole month in the mission and i learn something new everytime I read it. It is such a powerful chapter in the Book of Mormon. So go read it!
I love you all! Go help your missionaries! 
-Elder Knudsen 
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