March 2, 2022





Marty got dunkd! It was such a good day. We had a lot of little speedbumps and last minute changes but it was an amazing service, I had to baptize Marty twice and now he teases me about it all the time. One more cool thing, Marty never prayers in front of us. Every time we ask him to pray during lessons, he says he'll pray next time, but yesterday he sent us a voice clip of the most sincere prayer and I loved it!
Also, Sandi is on date to be baptized March 19th! So pray for her everyday! She loves the Book of Mormon more than anyone I've taught and it's so cool to see how much she reads it. She gets a little nervous coming to church and that's kind of an important part, so pray she will feel alright.
Yesterday I studied repentance and I learned a lot of bueno things. I learned that repentance is a change of heart and mind and gaining a fresh view on God, ourselves and the world. Something I kind of already knew, but having it layed out like this helped me. It also made me realize, that you don't have to do something bad to repentant. Repenting is turning towards God and that can me turning from something good to something better or something better to something best. Changing different habits to fully reflect your love of God is repenting and we need to do it every day. So, prayerfully look at your habits and see what changes you can make.
I want you all to know I love you so much! Keep moving forward and always talk with God
-Elder Knudsen

-marty on his bday


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