January 26, 2022

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What is up all you people! This week has been a blast! Except for one thing, we might have covid. Our friend that we visited Thursday night called us on friday and said she tested positive so we have been quarantined since then. We couldn't get a test til yesterday and now we won't find out if its positive til probably Thursday. Other than that, everythings been going good. We have had a lot of people to call and teach and its all been through Phone or Facebook which is kind of cool.
One person we taught was our friend Brooklyn, she is pretty cool but is going through a lot. When we first cold called her she was crying and said to just call later, so we called later and just shared a scripture. John 14:26( Elder Hendrix's favorite) and we just promised her blessings and what we can do to help her feel more at peace. We called a couple days later and just talked about prayer and why we pray and she opened up so much. She talked about having covid, and struggling with work, and just all the life stuff so we prayed with and for her and she was so grateful! And we are going to talk again tomorrow! She needs so much love and we are so excited to help her find comfort.
Also, Facebook life is pretty cool. We've been learning how to us Facebook better to reach people. We get to make ads for the main Facebook page in our mission and there is a Facebook specialist we have meetings with and she helped us understand how to make ads that will help people reach out to us and it was really cool. We are excited to work on them and make some QUALITY ads.Also, we are working with some more experienced elders to make a plan for the future of Facebook. There are quite a few Facebook pages around the mission, but there are so many missionaries who are going to their original assignment and these pages are getting harder to manage, so we are coming up with a plan to Present this next week so online work can still be effective.
Spiritual thought: go read 3 Nephi 4. I'll wait... you're back, good. Mainly I want to bring up verses 8-10. In the chapter before this the nephites and the robbers were preparing for battle and in this chapter the battle happens. My favorite part is 8-10 because of what the nephites do in adversity. The got down and prayed. And they didn't pray that this hard thing would be taken from them, but that they would win. And specifically it says, "in the strength of the Lord, they did receive them"Instead of running a way or praying for a way out, they prayed for strength so they could protect their home and family and beliefs.
So when we find trials in our lives, don't turn away from them, find strength in the Lord and receive them. I know that's way easier said than done, but I know you will be strengthened by it. 
I love yall so much, don't forget to pray and read your scriptures everyday! 
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- me and Elder Hendrix - we found a foosball table- Elder snowman- I always forget to take pictures so this one is from my friend in Chile


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