January 12, 2022




Muchas Cosas

What is up everybody! Lot of things I need to tell you. So this past week we actually had snow and by Tennessee standards we were snowed in. Fortunately we were on exchanges with the zone leaders and they slept over so we had a party over here. We were snowed in from Wednesday to Saturday and that whole time we made probably a million calls, and all went a little crazy. It was a pretty good time though 
Also for the past two weeks church was canceled in the spanish branch because about half of the active families had covid. So the first week we went to church with the English elders, then this last week was really cool. We went with a couple of members and took the sacrament to a lot of other members. It was pretty amazing and we actually ran into some inactive members by accident and they were so happy to see us! It was exciting and we made plans to go back and get to know them some more. 
Me and Elder Pearce randomly call a guy Rodolfo and set up a time to go to his house. Turns out he is the coolest guy ever. He is actually missing a foot and has a really hard time seeing, but he is the most humble guy I have met. He is still so grateful for what he has and what God has given him. He has such a positive attitude and he was so happy to have us over. It was so funny, when we started talking to him he told us a little bit about himself and said, "well I'm catholic, but the catholics aren't coming to visit me like you guys so.." so he is super ready to learn as you can tell.
Gerson is doing good too. He is starting to read the Book of Mormon more often and is loving it! Every time we meet the spirit is so strong. I love him so much! 
So some big news, transfers happened. So I am moving to Gregory Mills and I have no idea where or what that is. Also I am going to be assigned as a Facebook specialist. Which basically just means I am going to be in charge of the main Facebook page for the mission. I'm a little worried because the Elder in change now has done some pretty amazing things and I have no idea what I am doing, so we'll see what happens. It's pretty sad to be leaving Madison because we made some pretty cool plans and goals to help the branch and I will be going back to an English area, but I'm also pretty dang excited to see what'll happen.
Quick spiritual thought: I was listening to a talk by Hyrum Smith, I think he is my new favorite, and he said a quote I really love. "What we do depends on how we feel about what we know." So asked myself what do I know. How do I feel about it, and what am i going to do about it. It was really good to think about especially as this last week or so I got a little lazy in the missionary work, but this helped me reflect and get back on the right track.
Anyways I love you all, im so happy to be here in Tennessee. It's honestly the greatest experiences of my life!
Love you all-elder Knudsen
- lunch after service- fun picture- trying to sled with our pan- the service- the duling family(coolest members ever)- last English class with hermana mery- santiago and Teresa (also the coolest members ever)- happiness


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