December 25, 2021




¡Feliz Navidad!??

Feliz Navidad a todos! I hope you are all having the greatest Christmas ever!! I love you all tons!
Not a whole ton happened this week, a lot of finding people to teach and a lot of people not answering the phone or the door sometimes, but one super amazing thing is when we meet with Gerson. We met twice over the past week and he is awesome! He has told us a lot about himself and how he grew not knowing a lot about the gospel and not really ever wanting to know more. But he told us he loves church now, he loves meeting with us and he said he feels like he has known us for way longer than he has. We have been asking him to pray about baptism, but he is still not sure. He wants to be baptized he just doesn't think he is ready, so please pray for him to find an answer.
Sorry I don't write a lot, but I just want yall to know I love you and this has been one of the best Christmas's ever. I love being here in Tennessee and I love being missionary. I have met so many people who i love with all my heart. Don't forget the reason we have Christmas. Focus on Christ and family and charity! These the things that will make the happiest person in the world!
Les amo con todo mi corazón! 
-Elder Knudsen 
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