November 25, 2021




Happy Thanksgiving!

What's up everybody! Feliz día de pavo! This week has been pretty great! My Spanish is going a lot better and I am starting to understand people way more, it's been pretty good
One thing I forgot to say last week is we get to teach English evey week. We have a class at the church every Tuesday and Thursday and it is a blast! It's fun helping them learn English and they also teach us Spanish while we're there, so that's pretty great
Also, this next Monday we get to go help with the giving machines! They are basically vending machines, but instead of buying a snack or something, you buy something to donate. Im super excited to go help out with that.
This last week we taught a guy named Gerson. He is the husband of a member so, he has been taught for a little bit, but this week we helped understand the apostasy and also who Joseph Smith. It was so cool when we shared the first vision with him because he loved it so much. He told us he remembered seeing a video about it, bit he didn't know that was actually a real thing. He got super excited to learn more and tomorrow we are going to read more of the Book of Mormon with him.
One more super cool experience is we met a new friend, Jacob. We came to the church yesterday and saw him charging his phone outside, so we said hi. He knew who we were immediately and we got to know him a little bit. He told he is a member, but stopped going to church when he was 16 and just recently moved here to Tennessee. We asked for his number and he was very hesitant, but he gave to us. We also told him we are coming to the church to play basketball tomorrow and asked if he wanted to come. He said sureLater that night he called us asking for a priesthood blessing, so we met up at the church again. Turns out he has been through a lot! He told us basically everything that happened in the last two years and he told us everything. He also told us that he was far away from family and had zero plans for thanksgiving so he was super excited to come to basketball and the other elders set up a dinner for him to go to as well. He was so excited and it was so fun to hang out with him this morning!
Real quick, Elder Johnston is getting emergency transferred to be a zone leader so we are now a trio and are slightly freaking out because there is going to be a lot to do, but it should work out ok
I love you all and hope you have a fantastic thanksgiving!
-Elder Knudsen
1. Found a friend while street contacting, we named her Cheyenne 2. Found a random Jesus statue that we thought was a ghost3. Real life transformer


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