October 27, 2021




One foot is on the platform, the other's on the train

Que tal mis amigos! Como están? Necesito decirles cosas que están muy emocionado!Transfers happened and I am moving to the Madison B area! It's right outside Nashville so I'll be there too. It's going to be awesome especially since it is an only Spanish area so I am going to have a lot of opportunities to learn and grow my Spanish. I am very nervous because I can't understand people who have accents when they speak Spanish, but I'm excited to learn more. Also something pretty cool is Elder lauano is coming with me. He is going to be in Madison a, so we will be in the same apartment, but just different áreas.
This week has been a little bitter sweet. Me and Elder lauano were both pretty sure we were leaving anyway, so we have been saying goodbye to a lot of members and to the people we are teaching. I'm going to miss so many of them and I honestly hope I get to come back to McMinnville after the mission and say hi to all these cool people.
Oh yeah, my new companion is Elder Mendoza. I've talked with him a couple times and he is pretty cool. Elder Told worked with him a lot and was telling me a little bit about him. 
One thing I want to share is a poem I heard in a talk by Hyrum Smith. 
"There is no chance, no Destiny, no fate, that can circumvent or hinder or control the Firm resolve of a determined soul"
It's pretty simple, but pretty powerful. Always remember to have a Firm goal of what you want to do in your life. If it is something you truly want, nothing will stop you from avhieving what you want. Once you understand that, everything is in your grasp.Anyways, im excited for all the new things and I can't wait to get started. Love you all so much! 
- Elder Knudsen 
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