October 6, 2021




No, Imagine General Conference

Hey everyone!! How as conference this last weekend? I forgot what his name was, bit I loved the talk about the bikers and getting just 1% better and you will see a great amount of growth. I also like Anderson's talk about how the name is non-negotiable. That one was really special because so often after we introduce ourselves, people will ask, aren't you Mormon? Or the Christ of Latter-Day Saints and mormons are the same thing right? And often times I just agree or just accept it because it is pretty easy. But after seeing the blessings that anderson talked about it made me want to use the real name of the Church even more. 
So, some really cool things happened this week. So every Monday we go teach mía who is the granddaughter of some pretty cool members. However we went over last Monday and mía was with her dad so we just talked about conference with them. However, their daughter Denise, who usually leaves when we get there, stayed. She kind of sat in the room next to the kitchen as we ate dinner, but when we started talking about conference she came to the table and started to listen. She loved hearing about it. We also talked about the atonement and she has never heard of that word before. Turns out, she is the only one that didn't get baptized when her family did, but she felt the need to stay and listen and now wants to come every Monday and wants to start coming to church. We are so excited to be talking with her more!
One more thing. Zone conference was yesterday and one thing we talked about was 1 Nephi chapters 8 and 11, Lehi's dream and the tree of life. One thing in chapter 11 is "the condescencion of God" I had no idea what that meant. So condescencion is descending from a higher place. So we talked about 3 meanings of the phrase. One is when Christ took on mortality. He was the God of the old testament, but became a son of man to help us. Second, when Christ Baptism. We learned that the greek root was to go below. So he literally went to a lower place and was immersed when he was baptized. Third, is when he healed people. He served others and helped them with everything. He literally descended below us and became a servant to everyone. How amazing is that!
Thank you so much for all the letters and things. Make sure to go watch conference if you didn't get a chance, and if you did, go watch it again. It was amazing! I love you all so much and hope all is well
Love ya bye! -Elder KnudsenSpiddrGeneral conference Zone conference Dinner with duncanThe torres family(Denise is on the right) Jenga on Sleepy elder


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