September 29, 2021




Hey Kendra

Some pretty cool things happened this week. The main cool one is we got in contact with Alyssa. So, me and Elder Told called Alyssa about a month and a half ago, and she was so interested in learning more. She said her family doesnt really talk about Jesus or church things that often and she wants to learn more. Then she was very busy so we had zero contact for that month. Until last friday we decided to try and call her again. She actually answered too, however, her voice didn't sound like she recognized us. So we introduced ourselves again and then she said, "Oh my gosh, I have so much to catch you guys up on!" Turns out she works all day everyday, but is free every Sunday so we made a plan to call her each sunday and she is so excited!
One more cool thing is we ran into a cool person named Lilly who loves God and loves learning about Him. So we said who we are and she wants to keep talking. The cool part is, we randomly called into her twin sister a couple weeks ago! We also last contact with her, but now we are going to be teaching them both!
Quick invite: General conference is this weekend! I want to invite you all do something that I am going to try as well. A few weeks ago we watched a devotional with Elder Bednar. He talked to us about taking notes and what we should do with those notes. Instead of furiously writing down what the speaker is saying, stop and listen. Listen to what the Spirit is trying to tell you through the speaker. So for this invite, don't write everything that the speaker is saying, but instead write the feelings and impressions you receive from the spirit.
Thank you all for your love and support, Hope everything is going good where you are at!Love ya bye!!
-Elder KnudsenCool thingCool hatSleepy elder


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