September 22, 2021





Hola a todos, cómo están?One super amazing thing is we put Thomas on date for baptism! Well he kind put himself on date. I have talked with thomas since Elder Austin was still hear so we have been meeting with him for a while. A part of me did not think he would get here just due to his physical condition and he doesn't show much motivation to learn. However, recently he has been asking more questions and becoming much more engaged. We had a plan to ask if he wanted to be baptized October 16th and when we got there he actually asked us when he could be baptized. We asked him when he would like to be baptized and he said sometime in October. So we told him the date we had in mind for him and said yes! He is so excited! We have a couple things to teach him still and we think it will be good for him to watch general conference too so we are hoping to set something up at a members home.
Also, I believe it was last week, but there was a face to face with elder Bednar and it was amazing. If you haven't watched it yet go watch it. There was one question asked and bednar basically said I don't know the answer, but I know God knows, and that makes me ok with not knowing. That helped me a lot because there are so many unanswered questions, but I know God has a plan and sometimes we may have to wait to find answer after this life, but that is ok. There were so many good things in this face to face so seriously go watch it. 
Honestly that's about it for this week. Its been pretty normal, we are meeting with a hispanic family each week and we are teaching their granddaughter so if you have any tips for teaching 8 year olds and making it exciting let me know. We need some help on that front. 
I love you all and I hope all is well!
-Elder Knudsen 
1 we don't know how to make balloon animals2 ricas tortas3 spider friend4 the coolest board game ever5 went to a cool card shop


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