September 1, 2021




Hello There

Hello everybody! Como están? Lo siento no escribí un correo electrónico los dos semanas pasadas. Seré más mejor en el futuro!
These past couple weeks have been a little rough just because it has been really hard to teach people. We find them and they seem interested but they never answer their Phone! Or they just never have time!One thing that's been kind of hard is we are starting lose contact with our friend Laprisha. She has been reading the Book of Mormon and watching church over zoom and loves it! However, she is going through some financial issues and it is getting harder to get a hold of her. We hope to call her in a couple days and see if she has time to hear from us.
one really great thing that happened is we found a guy named Marcos. Yesterday me and Elder Told felt the need to go to some nearby Apartments and do some street contacting. No one was really interested and it was kind of a bumer, however on the way back we met marcos. He was just in his driveway and we just said hi. We walked up to him and thought we was going to speak Spanish but had the strongest southern accent. Turns out he is looking for a church and is excited to come this Sunday. He basically told us that he believes in God, but thats about it. He is not sure where or how learn more so we stepped in and are going to baptized the crap out of him! 

Also, one fun story is with this guy named Juel. He is basically insane. We gave him and Book of Mormon and when we visited him again the first words he said to us were, "este es falso(this is false)" so we sat down and talked with him, but we became more confused. We asked what his beliefs are, and he said too much. He doesn't believe there is any evil in the world, but numbers are of the devil. He also thinks the bible is false and that we are all immortal right now. God is everywhere, but he doesn't talk to his people anymore. He also told us Obama is plotting something and that he gets his information from Google. So lots of fun things happening.
That is all for now, everyone go read jacob 5 because it is amazing!Les amo mucho!
- Elder Knudsen
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