July 21, 2021




Don't you forget it

This week has been awesome! We are teaching quite a few people regularly now and it is the best thing!
About a month ago we met our neighbor Leland and he wanted a huge change in his life. However, he works about 12 hours a day and is super hard to get a hold of. We were also pretty sure his mom was not the biggest fan of us, but last sunday we talked with Leland, his mom, and his dad and they are all super happy to be talking with us. We call Leland every night to talk about the Book of Mormon and he wants to get baptized very badly. His parents also want to come to church and we are so excited to be helping them out.
We have also been talking with a Spanish lady named Maria, so I don't always understand her. This last time we talked with her, we talked about baptism and why it is important and if it is something she would like to do. I didn't know this til after the lesson, but she basically said she likes learning, but she is not going to anything about it. I didn't know that though, so as we were leaving I was trying to set up another appointment and she just stared at me awkwardly and Elder Austin said, it's OK Elder we can set up something later.  When we got outside, he said, yeah, she doesn't really want to talk with us anymore. That kind of stung, but it was kind of funny after I realized the full series events.
Also we had the coolest lesson with a guy named Stoney and a member, Brother Baus. Brother Baus is an older fellow and is pretty straight forward and also hates the word awesome. During our lesson with Stoney we invited him to be baptized on August 21st and he said yes. Brother Baus mentioned kind of quietly that that is his sons birthday. After the lesson talked with us and said how spiritual he felt and that he was tearing up a little bit. He said it felt so awesome! He also told us how proud he is of us because he is a convert and understands how important this work is. He said to us very directly, "this is the Lords work, don't you forget it!"
One last thing, I read a verse that is basically the most amazing thing ever. In Moses 6:61 it tells us a name for the Spirit that is now my favorite name for it. 
How awesome is that! It helped me understand why the scriptures tell us to speak by the spirit and not to take thought before hand what we should say. Because what are you going to trust more when you need to teach about the gospel, your understanding, or THE RECORD OF HEAVEN? Let that sink in for a minute.
That's all for this week, love you all! Bye!
-Elder KnudsenI'm sorry, I forgot about pictures this weekHere is an ice cream truck that passed our apartment 


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